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Truvada PrEP – HIV Preventative Method?

Is Truvada PrEP the New HIV Preventative Method? We’ve all heard about meal prep, but very few have heard about HIV PrEP! By far, the most interesting thing I came across on this year’s Long Beach Pride 2016 Festival was all of the information being put out for the community about this sort of miracle […]

Your Guide to Anal Hooks

Your Guide to Anal Hooks  Anal hooks are a great way to improve your sex life if things have gotten a little stale for you and your partner. They can be used both vaginally and anally, but many prefer anal stimulation. Anal hooks come in all shapes and sizes, but the preferred design is in […]

BDSM: What’s A Switch?

So, What’s A Switch?  In the area of bondage, a switch is someone who “switches” between dominant and submissive roles. Not surprisingly, a lot of people in the BDSM community take issue with this and have a very negative reaction to someone deemed to be a Switch. Many claim switches should just “make up their […]

BDSM Aftercare Tips

BDSM Aftercare Tips Whether you frequently enjoy bondage scenes as a dominant or submissive or are simply looking into bondage relationships as a method for sexual satisfaction and want to learn more, aftercare is one of those aspects of bondage that is often overlooked. Surprisingly, it’s one of the more important factors to maintaining a […]

Your Guide to Fisting

Fisting can be an extremely pleasurable experience for those of us who enjoy deep, fulfilling sensations and large sex toy play, but there are some tips and suggestions we recommend before looking to try fisting or taking on some of the big sex toys available on the market today. These tips will ensure your fisting […]

What Is Cuckolding?

What Is Cuckolding? Cuckolding Terms to Know: Cock = husband or partner seeking the cuckolding Hotwife = wife or partner Bull = wife’s lover/partner So, what is cuckolding? Cuckolding is a BDSM fantasy wherein husbands enjoy and feel aroused by watching their wives have sex with other men. Sometimes, they even enjoy being dominated and […]

Your Guide to Pony Play

Your Guide to Pony Play Pony play is a kind of yiff (furry) roleplay in which people enjoy dressing up and acting like ponies. Some people use pony play as a kind of bondage roleplay in which the dominant and the submissive enact situations meant to humiliate and degrade the sub for sexual arousal and […]

What is Rosebudding?

What is Rosebudding? Today’s post is all about rosebudding. So, for those of you who are not familiar, rosebudding is the act of stimulating your anal canal and walls to the point that the wall inside your anal cavity collapses and flips to the outside of your anus. Many people practice this as a kind […]

Your Guide to Rim Jobs

Your Guide to Rim Jobs Rim jobs or “salad tossing” is not just for gay guys. Contrary to popular belief, rimming is enjoyed by all kinds of couples and can be quite pleasurable. That said, there are a few things you should know before you jump into it including how to prep yourself beforehand, different […]

Is the “Squirting” Phenomenon Real?

Is the “Squirting” Phenomenon Real? Squirting is something you may have heard of before, but you might not know the finer details about what is actually happening during this sexual phenomenon. “Squirting” is caused by putting on a female’s prostate or “g-spot” and if enough pressure is applied to this area, it can cause the […]