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Hurry! Only 3 Days Left to Shop Our Start of Summer Sale!

Get your deals on items at Masturgasm while you can – the sale is only on for 3 more days! If you didn’t see our Start of Summer Sale deals, see below for a refresher! Otherwise, you can also see our original post on it here. Happy Shopping! Check Out Our New Fidelity Double Penetration […]

Have the Naughtiest Summer of Your Life With These Toys & Tips!

With the official arrival of Summer, we thought it would be super convenient and helpful if we did a roundup of our recent posts to help you get your head in the game, you know, sexy-time wise! So, Here Are Some Tips to Help You Have the Naughtiest Summer Yet: Reasons to Have Sex Right […]

Shop Our Start Of Summer Sale Now!

Happy Start of Summer!¬† That’s right – Today is the first official day of Summer! To commemorate the season change, we here at Masturgasm have decided to hold our best sale yet! All Orders of $50 or more will get 10% Off their orders and All orders of $75 or more will get Free shipping […]

Product Spotlight: Naughty Red Inflatable Strap On 100% Low Ammonia Latex Veinzy Dildo

Amid our latest line of unique latex sex toys, there is this Naughty Red Inflatable Strap On Latex Dildo which can intensify your sexual experience in a completely new way! The strap on works as any normal strap on, but it’s wearer can ¬†pump up the size and width of the dildo after it has […]

Product Spotlight: Red Kink Tapered and Ridged Inflatable Rib Rider 100% Low Ammonia Latex Dildo

Our newest line of products include some very unique latex sex toys like this one – Red Kink Ridged Inflatable Rib Rider Latex Dildo. What makes this dildo unique is it’s ability to inflate with the help of a bulb pump. The effect makes this dildo’s width much thicker than it is without inflation and […]

Take Advantage Of Our Father’s Day Specials While You Can!

Enjoy two awesome Father’s Day Deals with us in this weekend! ALL Orders of $75 or more get FREE Shipping and Buy 3 Items or More and Get 15% Off on top of that! Our Free Shipping offer lasts the entire month of June, but you can only get 15% Off through the Monday following […]

Brand NEW Unique Latex Plugs & Dildos Available Now In Our Online Shop!

Now available in our Amazon shop and our Masturgasm online store are these incredible 100% low ammonia latex sex toys! Some of them are inflatable (like the one pictured above) which means you can use the convenient bulb pump to increase the size of the dildo a bit more and then there are also some […]