Monthly Archives: January 2013

Featured Product of the Day: Trojan Double Dong

This unique double dong allows it’s users to experience pleasure simultaneously. It’s uniquely smooth shaft is ever so slightly textured and realistic, but also includes clever little clitoris stimulators on both sides for added intensity during use! Check it out on Amazon – here. xO

3 Fun Ways to Spend Valentine’s Day!

With the inevitable impending Hallmark holiday, many of you may be scrambling for gifts to get that special someone, ways to spend less and still have a great time or perhaps you’re single and ready to mingle, wondering where and what you’ll do on the dreaded couples’ day. Whatever your goals are for this notorious […]

GroundHog Day Flash Free Shipping Special!

Happy {almost} Groundhog Day! For this very momentous event, we at Masturgasm have decided to celebrate by offering Free Shipping on all purchases of anal toys which equals $30 or more so enjoy it while you can! Offer Expires February 2nd at midnight! Shop this Deal on Masturgasm – here. Shop this Deal on Amazon […]

3 Fun Ideas For Valentine’s Day 2013

Whether you’re deciding to spend it with someone you love or you’re single and ready to mingle or perhaps you want to spend it simply with some friends. Whatever your plans, here are some fun ideas that can apply to any and/or all of you, depending on who you’re with. Dinner & Movie Date: This idea […]

Fun Favors to Offer to Someone On Valentine’s Day

As you all know, Valentine’s Day can get a little crazy and consumer driven at times what with diamond rings, bling and other fun gift things, but I wanted to take the time to tell you all that there are plenty of other ways to show your appreciation and love without spending little to no […]

Top 5 Anal Toys to Try From Our Store in 2013!

Buy on Masturgasm – here. Buy on Amazon – here. Buy on Masturgasm – here. Buy on Amazon – here. Buy on Masturgasm – here. Buy on Amazon – here. Buy on Masturgasm – here. Buy on Amazon – here. Buy on Masturgasm – here. Buy on Amazon – here. Not only do all of […]

Foods To Naturally Cure Impotence

Here are some foods that are said to help with impotency the natural way! Granola Oatmeal Peanuts Cashews Walnuts Dairy Green & Root Vegetables Garlic Soybeans (AkA Edamame) Ginseng Various Seeds (Sunflower, Pumpkin, Etc.) Aside from assisting with libido and impotency, these foods also help improve blood flow and body circulation. Shop Our Line of […]

Featured Product: Serpenis Animal Sex Toy Dildo

The Serpenis is an amazing dildo with a snake-like texture and appearance, including a stimulating knob on the base which can function to stimulate both the clitoris or the anal area! It’s angular head and textured body will drive you wild and are a fantastic addition to any and all of your animal role play […]

Healthy Foods To Improve Libido & Sexual Arousal Vol. 2

As promised, here’s 5 more libido pumping foods: Chili Peppers: Most spicy chillies contain capsaicin, the ingredient responsible for their spicy flavor, which increases blood flow and triggers the release of endorphins which makes you feel good mentally and physically. Bonus: They also help speed up your metabolism! Pumpkin Seeds: Pumpkin seeds are high in zinc, which […]

Featured Product of the Day: Scroto-Max Penis Extension

Today’s product feature is on the 4.75″ Scroto-Max Penis Extension! This penis extender is unique in that it adds on a whopping 4.75 inches to wearers during use! Aside from that, it’s realistic design offers stimulating textures both inside and outside the extension so that both the wearer and their partner enjoy the extra stimulation […]