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3 Steps to Spring Clean Your Sex Routine!

Spring is a time we often associate with spring cleaning, renewal of our wardrobes, and a deep clean of our homes, but you can definitely do the same for your sex routine and you absolutely should!  Here Are Some Tips to Get You Started:  Get Your Annual Check Up. It might not top your to-do list, […]

Product Spotlight: Fat Man In A Barrel Butt Plug

The Fat Man In A Barrel Butt Plug is a fantastic anal toy for intermediate and advanced anal players alike! Not too big in size to be overwhelming, yet not too small, this butt plug is just the right size for intense sexual pleasure and contoured for the ultimate sensations during use. The subtle shape […]

Product Spotlight: Duo Fist Fisting Sex Toy Dildo with Hardener

Today’s product spotlight is on our Duo Fist Dildo which offers a completely unique erotic experience to those who enjoy deep sensations and fisting fun. The Duo Fist Dildo is designed after real human fists and is anatomically molded correctly for completely realistic sensations during use. What makes this toy better than typical fisting? The […]

Furry Fetish, Yiff, + 3 Furry Yiff Toys to Try Out!

In recent years, the furry fetish niche has been gaining tons of popularity. With the widespread following of Japanese anime and cosplay, it was only a matter of time before this became more and more mainstream. If you’re not familiar with what furry is, it describes a group of people who enjoy role playing as […]

5 Tips to Keep Sex Fun!

Have Sex In Exotic Places. Sex in a new and strange environment can really amp up the excitement, especially if you’ve only done the deed in the bedroom up until now. From your kitchen to a waterfall, there are tons of fun places to get down! Check here for more places to enjoy sex! Try New […]

3 Quick Sex Tips for Your Weekend!

TGIFF!  After a long, though quite productive week, we’re all more than ready for the weekend! What better way to christen our Friday than with some much-loved and needed sexual healing? I’m just saying. Anyhow, here are some tips to get you through your naughty weekend and into the next! Also, Don’t Forget to Remember […]

8 Tips to Have Great Sex!

Having great sex is not just a matter of luck! Great sex takes practice, experimentation, good health and hands, and a flavor for curiosity! Check out the tips below for how to have the best sex of your life! Take Charge.  Supercharge Your Sex Drive! Meditate On It. Have Sex In Exotic Places. Become A […]

FLASH DEAL! Death & Taxes Deal! Get 10% OFF!

From now until the end of the month, celebrate the end of tax month with Masturgasm and get 10% Off any purchases of $30+ made from now until April 30th, 2013. Shop While You Can! Shop Now on Masturgasm – here. Shop Now on Amazon – here. xO ♥

10 Ways to Make Trying Anal More Fun

Anal play can be tons of fun, especially if you’re new to this much-loved sex niche, but for those who have been in the game a bit longer, here are 10 sure fire ways to keep things spicy when it comes to your favorite erotic pastime! Go Smooth. Trying out smoothly textured toys can be […]

8 Crazy Fetish Toys You’re Too Afraid to Try { But Definitely Should } !

Clockwise from Top Left Corner: Mr. Ed Pony Extension, 10.25″ Hulk Dong, Woody Cock Ring, Femme Foot Fatale Sex Toy, “A” Bomb Girth Expander, Bad Kitty Dong, Moby’s Dick & 11″ Stone Man Dildo. Shop All Sex Toys on Masturgasm – here. Shop All Sex Toys on Amazon – here. xO ♥