Holiday Gift Guide 2014: Yiff Toys


Our comprehensive selection of animal dildos are extremely popular among customers so I thought we absolutely needed a helpful gift guide for our favorites and latest yiff toy releases. All of you special naughty furries, fantasy-indulged, and your loved ones will definitely enjoy these!

First up is the Super Clifford Dildo, a super-sized version of the classic Clifford Dong. It’s equipped with a handy suction, includes a lot more length than the original, and is a step up in all aspects to it’s naughtily loved original.

To take the Super Clifford Dildo a step further is to indulge in the newest Super Clifford with Tail. It’s a double ended toy that can be used however you like that’s sure to add a delicious furry element to any of your kinky adventures!

A total classic, the Wolfman Dildo has a solid suction for uninterrupted fun and is a big winner among yiff lovers alike.

Last, but not least, is our classic Mr. Ed Anatomically correct Horse Dildo! Designed specifically for naughty furry fantasies, this will definitely add a more realistic element to your bedtime role play!

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  1. […] Naughty Holiday Gift Guide: Yiff Toys […]

  2. […] Naughty Holiday Gift Guide: Yiff Toys […]

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