Monthly Archives: February 2013

Product Spotlight: Tsunami Large Smooth Dong

This Tsunami Dong is big and smooth! With it’s large width, this dong is perfect for stretching you to the precipice of desire and ecstasy! Not recommended for beginners, this dong is great for deep anal or vaginal intercourse pleasure. It’s smooth texture allows for hassle free insertion and use for every encounter. We encourage […]

Product Spotlight: Bad Kitty Large Dong

This massive Bad Kitty Dong is designed to resemble a very large kitty cats paw (claws and all!) , only loads more fun and naughty! It’s huge and thick shaft is specially textured throughout and allows for completely unique sensations during use and an overall mind-blowing sexual experience for those hardcore sex toy connoisseurs! Though […]

Limited Time Offer! Join Our Mailing List & Get 15% Off On Masturgasm!

Join Our Mailing List & Get 10% Off + 5% Off w/ Our Current Flash Weekender Special! To get the deal, check out the link below and look on the left hand side of our Masturgasm site where it says “Get 10% Off.” Click on that button and a screen will pop up, prompting you […]

Product Spotlight: Fondovalle Spiral Suction Butt Plug

Our uniquely designed Fondovalle Spiral Suction Butt Plug is the perfect anal toy for more advanced anal players who want a challenge with uniquely pleasurable sensations during use. Not only is this butt plug quite long, but it’s also nicely ┬átapered with ridged rings all the way down the shaft so that you feel it […]

Product Spotlight: Fruitylicious Mega Butt Plug

Inspired by the luscious lemon, this massive anal toy is the perfect challenge for any anal connoisseur seeking the ultimate heights in ecstasy! Lightly textured to imitate lemon peel, this butt plug is tapered so the top of it narrows to a point and the bottom expands with each ridge. Coupled with a big mega […]

Flash Weekender Deal! – Break the Ice In Your Sex Life!

Break the Ice in Your Sex Life with Masturgasm! It’s a well known fact that our sex drives slow down when winter comes. Lower temperatures, early dark nights, and the frequent chill dulls our libidos so that we’re less likely to feel sexual desire and arousal as much. Not to worry! With this weekend’s deal, […]

Get Great Deals on Seductive Vibes at Masturgasm!

At Masturgasm, we have a hand picked selection of vibes which vary in color, shape, size, and style, but are all meant to bring you the most pleasurable sexual experiences imaginable! From the uniquely round shaped vibes (as seen above), to the more traditional rabbit and g-spot vibes, we have something for everyone! Here are […]

Only 4 Days Left to Shop Our Valentine’s Day Sale!

Remember, our Valentine’s Day Special is only on for another 4 DAYS so definitely get to shopping if you haven’t already! All Items are 15% Off until Valentine’s Day so be sure to pick up any last minute naughty gifts for yourself or that special someone while this deal lasts! Shop the deal on Masturgasm […]

Featured Products Saturday! – Anal Fun from Icon!

Buy on Masturgasm – here. Buy on Amazon – here. Buy on Masturgasm – here. Buy on Amazon – here. Buy on Masturgasm – here. Buy on Amazon – here. Check out Our Entire Line of Sex Toys on Masturgasm – here. Check out Our Entire Line of Sex Toys on Amazon – here. xO […]

Featured Product of the Day: 9″ Big Split Mega Dong Suction

If you’re a fan of thickness and a bit of length, but not TOO much length, this is the PERFECT toy for you! A massively big sex toy, this dildo is great for deep sex and and other fun! It could likely be enjoy any way you want really and the best thing about it […]