Truvada PrEP – HIV Preventative Method?

Truvada PrEP - HIV Preventative Method

Is Truvada PrEP the New HIV Preventative Method?

We’ve all heard about meal prep, but very few have heard about HIV PrEP!

By far, the most interesting thing I came across on this year’s Long Beach Pride 2016 Festival was all of the information being put out for the community about this sort of miracle pill called Truvada AKA PrEP.

Truvada AKA PrEP

What Is Truvada AKA PrEP?

Truvada is a newly FDA-approved prescription pill that, when taken daily, can reduce your chances of contracting the HIV virus by up to 99%! Crazy, right? The way Truvada works is by building up protection for your T-cells which, in turn, fight off the HIV virus and prevent it from taking over your body.

Important Notes About Truvada AKA PrEP:

Truvada is not a cure for AIDS, by any means, and does not protect against any other sexually transmitted diseases, but it is a massive step toward finding a cure for HIV and helping others to protect themselves against this deadly virus.

Of course, a condom is always recommended when engaging in sex, even while on this medication. Now, don’t expect PrEp to work over night or to work like the Plan B medication.

Truvada MUST be taken for at least one full week for males and up to three weeks by female consumers for it to even start taking effect in the body.

People who do decide to begin taking this once a day HIV prevention regimen should know it comes at a steep price that can set you back about $1,300 a month.

Thankfully, most insurance plans and Medicaid programs are willing to cover some of the cost. Local government agencies have also set up grants to make this medication available to uninsured people within the community.

Like most medications, Truvada AKA PrEP does come with the risk of side effects such as kidney problems and upset stomach among other things, but if the benefit outweighs the risk, why not try this great product that could potentially save thousands of lives?

Wonderful organizations such as “The Protectors” are helping to spread awareness and inform high risk communities such as the gay Latino community in Los Angeles on how this medication works and how to obtain it.

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Please Note: Masturgasm is NOT affiliated with Truvada or The Protectors in ANY WAY. This post is only meant to be informative and helpful to readers.

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