Monthly Archives: June 2014

Naughty Fourth of July Date Ideas

  The Fourth of July is coming up soon so I thought I’d think up some fun date ideas for those of you who will be spending some quality time with a partner this year. Beach Fireworks. Whether you do the deed on a private or otherwise secluded beach, this could be a fun change […]

Have Your Sexiest Summer Yet With These Tips!

With summer in full force, there’s so much time for naughty recreational activities and these tips are perfect for helping you make the most of long summer days! Stay Cool. This means staying indoors with the air on or taking things outside to the pool or beach. Whatever naughty fun you have, make sure it’s […]

Happy First Official Day of Summer!

Happy First Day of Summer ☼ That’s right, today is the first “official” day of Summer so you can finally start gearing yourself up for some naughty summer adventures! Here Are Some Ideas to Help You Enjoy Your Summer to the Fullest:  Naughty Summer Essentials 3 Sex Toys to Try this Summer 6 Ways to […]

Get 10% Off All Weekend Long!

TGIFF!  It’s hot as hell out there today so I’m extremely excited for the weekend…and you know, air conditioning. That aside, we’re offering 10% off through the weekend on select items (read about it here) so you still have time to get a great discount or so on awesome items! This deal is a Masturgasm […]

Naughty Ways to Heat Things Up this Summer!

Summer is nearly here, people, and with that comes inevitable fun. Longer days, sunshine, and probably some vacation thrown in there at some point. So, because I figure quite a lot of people will be planning fun summer activities and things, I wanted to share ways to heat up your regular run-of-the-mill summer fun with […]

(Not Your) Father’s Day Gift Guide!

(product links are listed left to right) Top: Fidelity G-Spot Double Penetration Toy / Big Daddy’s Cock Ring / The Substitute Masturbator Middle: Stroke29 Masturbation Lubricant / Elbow Grease Cream Lubricant Bottom: Wolfman Penis Extension / 2″ Veinzy Penis Extension / Original Thick Ur Dick Girth Expander Happy Father’s Day! These are not necessarily for your father, […]

3 Ways to Celebrate Gay Pride Month!

If you think that celebrating Gay Pride Month is only for gay people, then you’re totally fashion-missing. No, I’m kidding, but seriously, anyone and everyone can and should celebrate and enjoy Pride month, at least in some small way (but preferably in a big way – we like to live life on the edge). Since […]