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The Historical Significance of “Butt Pirates”

The term “butt pirates” is one you have probably heard at some point or another, but I am willing to bet you have no idea where this phrase originated. Butt pirates is now thought to be an offensive phrase, but the origin is anything but offensive. In fact, the sexual history of pirates was quite […]

Happy President’s Day – Remembering 4 President Sex Scandals

Happy President’s Day! + 4 President Sex Scandals that Will Shock You  Today is a day we all celebrate, though at this point it’s likely we hardly know what the point is. That’s why I thought it would be fun to remember our presidents with a little naughty Masturgasm style! So, today’s post is sharing […]

The Roots of Tantric Sex

The Roots (Origins) of Tantric Sex Throughout time, there have always been methods, arts, and sciences dedicated to sex and connection, but the oldest known sexual art is the art of Tantra ( “Tan” meaning to expand or weave and “tra” meaning tool.) Tantra is a methodology that leads some towards better intimate bond with their […]

The Mystery ( and Legend ) Of Saint Valentine

The Mystery (and Legend) Of Saint Valentine Where did Valentine’s Day come from? It seems to be a combination of tradition mixed with various beliefs and historical information. The first theory is that, during Roman times, there was a holy priest that, for some mysterious reason, was apprehended by the emperor Claudius of Rome and […]

Sex History: The Victorian Era

Sex History: The Victorian Era Victorian morality is a term for the moral views held by the people under Queen Victoria’s rule during 1837-1901. During this time the idea of marriage after love, as opposed to marriage as a family arrangement became popular. It was also a time where sexuality was repressed, and people carried […]

Sex History: The Not So Puritans

    Sex History: The Not So Puritans The Puritans are often considered history’s greatest prudes, but were they as “moralistic” as society claims them to be? In this article, we delve into the often unknown, misunderstood sexuality of the Puritan Colonists. New America’s Unknown Values When The puritans arrived in the New America, they […]

The History and Evolution of the Vibrator!

Our boss discovered this little gem at a local antique store over the weekend and we discovered that it was manufactured in 1902! Don’t cringe away from this little treasure, though – the vibrational powers are pretty strong considering it’s over 100 years old, though it does have a cord and need to be plugged […]