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The Ultimate Guide to BDSM

BDSM or Bondage + Discipline + Sadism + Masochism – is a very broad area of kink, but a fun one to enjoy all the same. There are tame levels of BDSM and more extreme ones so you can take it as slow or fast as you like and delve deeper into things as you […]

Last Chance to Shop Our February Specials!

Just a quick mention to you all that our February Specials are ending very soon! You only have a few days left to take advantage of our 15% off deal as well get Free Shipping on your order when you spend $100 or more so definitely get those deals while you can! Aside from those […]

Butt Plugs for Beginners

I know we tend to gear toward extremes when it comes to sexual pleasure, but if you happen to be more at the beginning stages of your erotic journey of sex exploration, you probably want something a bit more tame and that’s cool with me! We have tons of smaller plugs that we’ve recently added […]

3 Ways to Enjoy Your Foot Fetish to the Fullest!

  Foot fetish is not for everyone, but for those who enjoy a little foot worship now and again, it’s the perfect way to spend your days! I enjoy a little foot play now and again and I can appreciate a beautiful pair just as much as the next foot lover, but I think dedicating […]

Get 15% Off + Free Shipping All Weekend!

Our February deal is still on so you can still get 15% off orders of $50+ if you happened to miss it before and to make the deal even sweeter, you can get FREE shipping when you spend $100 or more on any order! How’s that for making your weekend a little bit better? * […]

How to Enjoy Your 2 Favorite Things: Chocolate and Sex at the Same Time

Even though Valentine’s Day is over, you can still enjoy your chocolate and sex to your heart’s content! Why, you ask? Well, did you know that February is also Chocolate Lover’s Month? That’s right! It’s still totally cool to indulge in the world’s favorite aphrodisiac and we’ve come up with a few fun ways you […]

Product Spotlight: Masturbators

  Product Spotlight: Masturbators Need a helping hand? Masturbators make that a simple, enjoyable, and solo pleasure ride and we have some extra special ones! These 3 masturbators are made from a unique fauxskin material which is extra velvety soft, almost better than the real thing! Diablita Masturbator Ever wanted to dance¬†with the devil? With […]