The Fetish Holiday Gift Guide


This Christmas, take your sexual repertoire to the highest levels. We here at Masturgasm know the importance of a good sex life, which is why we explore the realm of sex and sexuality to its fullest, but our specialty is in fetishes.

Your Naughty Fetish Gift Guide 😉

First up is the ultra kinky Femme Foot Fatale, a very unique foot toy with a ribbed top. Made from a mold of a very sensual female foot, this toy allows you to please yourself any way you desire!

Next up is the Small Foxy Friend Anal Plug, a stainless steel anal plug with a nice fluffy fox tail on the end! Perfect for your furry fantasy, or maybe just to look extra cute and cuddly while getting dirty, these make the ideal gift for all your yiff-loving friends!

Another great toy we have is the 1.75″ Brutus Cock Ring and Anal Plug. Stainless Steel, this cock ring and anal toy combo is a nice fit and is sure to provide you intense pleasure inside and out! If you are unfamiliar with cock rings, get familiar with our Beginners Guide to Cock Rings. This would make a great gift for the cock ring enthusiast.

Lastly we have The Poseidon Urethral Sound. This is a very large stainless steel urethral sound, with 2 different sized glans rings. This is a great toy for the penis sounding veteran, but if you want a lighter toy to introduce you into the world of urethral stretching, check out The Hades Penis Piss Plug. If you have no clue what I am talking about, check out The Beginners Guide To Urethral Stretching to learn all you need to know about this erotic fetish!

Naughty Holiday Gift Guide: Penis Extensions

Naughty Holiday Gift Guide: Dildos

Naughty Holiday Gift Guide for Anal Lovers

Have Naughty Fall Fun this Weekend!

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Shop the Sale on Amazon – here.


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