Monthly Archives: October 2012

Introducing the Mr. Ed Pony Extension!

¬† Just in time for Halloween, we’ve finally got our hands on the newly released Mr. Ed Pony Extension! The Mr. Ed Pony Extension combines characteristics of the Classic Mr. Ed with all the components of our classic extensions. This impressive (if we do say so ourselves!) extension gives the wearer a whopping 4.25 extra […]

Check Out The “A” Bomb Girth Expander

The “A” Bomb Girth Expander Check out our new girth expander! The “A” Bomb Girth Expander will certainly fill you up! This toy adds to the circumference of your cock… but it’s open at the end, so an average size dick will extend beyond it. This toy has a hole to slip your balls through, […]

Add Realistic Touches To Your Costume With These Toys!

          The Clifford Dog Penis Dong   11″ Puppy Tail Octopenis Dildo   The Wolfman Canine Dildo with suction Mr. Ed Anatomically Correct Horse Penis Dildo The Wolfman Canine Penis Extension   18.5″ Trojan Horse Dildo – with hardener   Moby’s Dick Anatomically Correct Whale Penis Dildo So, any additions you […]

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday! I hope you all enjoyed some sexy time this week and if not, hopefully you can get your health quota in this weekend ūüėČ ! And Now, Cats! Shop Our Entire Line of Sex Toys ‚Äst¬†here.¬† xO

Hurry! Our Halloween Sale Ends Soon!

If you saw our post at the beginning of the month, you’ll know all about the ghoulishly good sales going on¬†right now¬†in our shop! Well, it’s our last hurrah because all the goodness ends on Halloween at midnight (clich√© maybe, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles!) so be sure to get all the spooky […]

Enjoy A Wild Night Of Naughty Adventure With These Toys On Halloween!

Halloween is definitely one of my favorite holidays (can you tell by the way it’s taken over this blog? ;-)) which is why today’s post features some of our more risqu√© sex toys. So, without further delay, here are some adventurous toys I recommend you try this Halloween if you’re a wild one, like me, […]

The Skeleton Extender: Add Some Halloween Fun To Your Pleasure Experience!

Halloween is not that far off and before you know it, it will be upon us once more. Many of us go to theme parks for Halloween haunts, take our children trick-or-treating or throw fun parties. Others still stay in a watch our favorite horror flicks with friends. For any and all of us, the¬†Skeleton […]

13 Naughty Ways To Spend Halloween!

Halloween is such a fun time to be naughty! I mean, after all, as adults, we can’t really get away with trick-or-treating without looking like creeps anymore, but there is much adult fun to be had without creeping out the neighbors in the comfort of your own home or at a nearby (or far) hotel […]

4 Winter Foods To Encourage Libido!

It’s easy in winter for our libidos to feel at an all-time low and science says it’s normal given our hibernation instincts in winter time, but there are ways to keep your energy and your sex drive up in the colder months with little effort! Indulging in these tips and foods may also help you […]

Enjoy Your Weekend With 3 Sexy Cocktail Recipes & Ideas!

I love to relax with a nice drink on the weekend and though admittedly not a huge drinker, I do enjoy my cocktails! (pun intended) I absolutely love the brilliant cocktail drink recipes on this website, DrinkMixer.Com, and recently found some sexy ones to share with you all! Inspired by erotica, here are some sexy […]