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Shop Now – NEW Two-Toned Artisan Crystal Stylized Versions Of Popular Items!

For the holiday season, we’ve decided to come out with this exclusive two-tone style in a select number of colors for some of our more popular items and we’re calling the line “Artisan Crystal” because the effect looks a bit like real crystal and the process of making the toys this way is very artisanal […]

Shop Now and Get FREE Shipping On These Popular Items!

For A limited time, Get FREE Shipping on ANY of these 3 popular penis extensions on Amazon ! Shop Now & Get FREE Shipping! Shop Our Back to Naughty School Sales!! Support Your Economy and Small American Business – Buy These American Made Sex Toys! Shop Our Adult Toys Are Available on Amazon Canada! Check […]

Try These 6 Animal Sex Toys for Delicious Yiff-Filled Fun This Halloween!

Halloween for adults can feel rather glum, but if you want to get creative and add some adult naughtiness to this awesome holiday, I highly recommend roleplay, especially yiff! If you’re unfamiliar with yiff, check here, but basically it’s the act of role playing to be a particular animal. And lucky for you, we have […]

3 Quick Tips for Naughty Halloween Fun!

Happy Friday! Fall has officially begun and with that comes the ever-nearing Halloween! To get you in the spirit of things, the naughty way (you know how we do it!), I’ve put together a round up of some helpful posts to get you thinking spooky, naughty fun. Check Out These Tips & Get Going :  […]

Naughty Post Round-Up: Friday the 13th, Sex Phobias, Sexy Weekend Sales & More!

Happy Friday the 13th!  I don’t know why, but I pretty much love it every time we have a “Friday the 13th” come around. I guess you could say it’s my lucky day! Good things just seem to happen to me so cross your fingers that I get laid this weekend (it’s been a LONG […]

Check Out Our Selection of Lubricants!

From silicone to water based and even a few oil based ones, we have a modest selection of lubricants for you to choose from! The silicone based lubricants are perfect for anal sex play while the water based lubes are great for all kinds of anal, vaginal and sex toy play! Some of the oil […]

“Back to Naughty School” Sales for September!

It’s time for this month’s sales! This month is offering up great discounts on all our items so you can get deals on all your staples and supplies for naughty fun and other kink! Spend $50 or More & Get 15% Off! Spend $100 or More & Get 15% Off PLUS Free Shipping! Happy {NAUGHTY} […]