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Anal Fun 101

Dating all the way back to the Victorian era, anal play is considered by many to be taboo. Whether you’re using anal toys or simply performing anal sex or anal masturbation, many consider this to be uncleanly or unsafe.While there are some instances in which persons may engage in unsafe or uncleanly anal practices, it […]

Sexual Activity: Victoria Era Vs. Modern Day

In the Victorian era, sexual intercourse was a practice only considered socially acceptable in order to procreate. Sexual desires were accepted for men, but considered not virtuous for women. In fact, promiscuity was thought to be a sign of national decay. Early love manuals encourage intercourse for pleasure, but caution readers to refrain from intercourse […]

Auto Erotica 101

Auto Erotica…AKA Masturbation…AKA Onanism…AKA Self-Abuse…AKA Self-Pollution? WAIT A SECOND. What? If you’re not sure what I’m getting at, let’s start from the beginning. Masturbation. Masturbation is the act of pleasuring oneself, usually with a goal of ultimate orgasm. There are many variations of that, but they usually involve that same basic A to B goal. […]

A Threesome Without The Third Wheel!

The threesome is one of the most desired fantasies by many men and women alike yet, often times, many people do not want to complicate their relationship by even admitting this to their partner let alone involving another person in their very private sex life. Many fear jealousy and other problems can ensue after one […]

6 Surprising Health Benefits of Oral Sex

Aside from the obvious pleasure gained from giving (& receiving!) oral sex with your partner, you may be surprised to find there are actually quite a bit of physical and psychological reasons you feel so great after pleasing your lover. Here are a Few of the Most Surprising Benefits of Oral Sex: Get in the […]

7 Things You Didn’t Know About Prostitutes

Although many things are heard about the world of prostitution, the actual facts may surprise and even shock you. Here are some interesting facts you didn’t know about this mysterious and often risky profession. During WWII, French prostitutes began the trend of women shaving their legs. They did so to create the illusion of silk […]

Courtesans in History: Not Just a Sexual Matter

The word courtesan often evokes provocative and often sexual imagery when heard, but this is not always what it has meant throughout history. Often social and political climbers, courtesans were nearly always members of court, though their wealth and status level often motivated them for further advancement through the act of becoming a courtesan. In […]

Introducing Our Brand New Puppy Tail!

Check Out Our Latest Fetish Toy! Now available on Our Webstore! Dual ended and texturized with bone shaped lube trails, this toy is sure to be tons of fun! One end functions as a pliable, wagging tail while the other is a modestly sized anal plug, complete with lube trails and ridges for added stimulaton […]

The Art of Erotic Spanking

Erotic spanking has had a special place in the hearts of many for thousands of years. The first descriptions of erotic flagellation appear around 600 B.C. and erotic spanking as an art in the world of pleasure gained even more prevalence in the Victorian era, where much of the erotic art and pornography of the […]

Calling All Furry Yiff Fans & Over 18 Team Jacob Supporters!

Introducing the Wolfman Suction! The Wolfman Suction is a toy created for all members of Team Jacob (over 18 Only Please!) or any Yiff enthusiasts who wish to enjoy a love knot experience! The Wolfman accurately represents a Wolf penis in detail and design, complete with texture and tapered shaft. An impressively designed piece by TSX Toys (Made in the […]