Your Guide to Anal Hooks

Your Guide to Anal Hooks

Your Guide to Anal Hooks

 Anal hooks are a great way to improve your sex life if things have gotten a little stale for you and your partner. They can be used both vaginally and anally, but many prefer anal stimulation. Anal hooks come in all shapes and sizes, but the preferred design is in a “j” shape and crafted in stainless steel. Often times included in bondage, the anal hooks usually include a ring on one end to tie a rope through for convenience and ease of use. So, why use anal hooks? Many enjoy the blissful feeling and stimulation when anal hooks are included in bondage scenes (both dominant and submissive) while others enjoy the cold sensation of the steel and enjoy the “filling” sensation. Dominants often enjoy using anal hooks because it keeps their sub still during scenes by restricting their movement. Other benefits are that you can shower in it and use condoms with anal hooks.

3 Basic Anal Hook Designs:

  • Classic “J” anal hook
  • Hook with one ball (sometimes removable, sometimes not)
  • Hook with 2 balls (sometimes removable, sometimes not)

There are many other anal hook variations, but these are the basic designs that most toy designs will follow.

How to Use Anal Hooks: 

  1. Insert hook vaginally or anally using plenty of lube to ensure maximum comfort and ease of use.
  2. Whomever is using the anal hook should be either laying down on their stomach OR standing straight up. They should NOT move around too much because too much movement or any sudden movement may result in injury.
  3. Loop a rope through the O-ring.
  4. If your partner has longer hair, you can tie the rope to their hair using 4mm hemp rope. Make sure you do an exploding knot that way it’s not too restrictive and can easily come loose or be cut at a moment’s notice if problems arise.
  5. You may also use the rope as a kind of leash or lasso if role play is involved!

Important things to remember when using anal hooks are that they should not be left in for more than 24 hours; doing so may cause great harm to you or your partner(s). Do not use anal hooks for suspension or rope play as this can cause major issues as well. Take care when using rope during any kind of play and ensure you understand the correct techniques and materials to use when it comes to rope bondage and rope play.

How to Use Anal Hooks:

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