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Get The “After Sex” Glow With This Smoothie!

This smoothie is super simple to make and will give you a healthy “after sex” glow this summer! Enjoy a smoothie drink or blend with ice for a thicker consistency. Both are an enjoyable tasty treat! Ingredients: 1 Handful Spinach 1 Cucumber, seeds removed & chopped 2 Cups Blueberries 1-2 Bananas, chopped 1/2 Cup Water […]

Sex On A Budget: 5 Sexy Summer Date Ideas

With summer right around the corner (or already here for some us!), whether you’re single and mingling or attached to your better half, the time is now to venture out and have some fun. In this economy, times are all about budgeting so here’s 5 sexy date ideas that won’t empty your wallet, but still […]

Geisha: The Artist of Beauty & Perfection

Although often misunderstood by the Western world, Geisha are not prostitutes. In fact, the Japanese word Geisha literally means “art person” or “artist.” With origins dating back thousands of years, the first Geisha were, in fact, men. At the time of their appearance (around early 1600′s), Geisha were men who entertained at parties and whose […]

Put On Your Sexy Summer Face!

During the summer time, it can be hard to keep your face looking fresh and sexy, especially with the heat and humidity. Dull looking skin, breakouts, runny or blotchy makeup, and more can haunt us throughout the season, but looking your best in spite of the onslaught of high temperatures and sweat-inducing humidity is not […]

The Importance of An Open Mind In Your Relationship

Many times throughout the years I find myself exploring new and exciting things in life, sexual and non-sexual of course, and it has always been with the support of my better half that I am able to laugh and smile at the less comfortable moments in the learning process. Sexual openness is very important in […]

Sexual Activity: Victoria Era Vs. Modern Day

In the Victorian era, sexual intercourse was a practice only considered socially acceptable in order to procreate. Sexual desires were accepted for men, but considered not virtuous for women. In fact, promiscuity was thought to be a sign of national decay. Early love manuals encourage intercourse for pleasure, but caution readers to refrain from intercourse […]

Furry Fetish Fandom & Yiff

So, what is furry anyway? Beginning in the 80′s with sci-fi fans who began to dress up to express the importance of their favorite characters in movies and books (think Chubacca, Ewoks & Disney characters), furry fandom is an extremely diverse subculture of people. And there are more of us than you would think. Typically, […]

5 Healthy Ways To Fight The Aging Process & Keep Your Sex Life Alive!

1. Sex is the Best! This first one is a bit of an obvious one, but still. Having sex is a fantastic way to fight aging and, of course, feel good. Studies have found that those who experience intercourse and intimacy in their lives regularly are less stressed out, have higher immunity and seem to feel […]

11 New Things To Try In Bed

New Positions: If you want something simple to try, new positions can definitely make things more exciting in the bedroom. Requiring only a computer or positions book to find positions, this one will keep you busy all night long! Mutual Masturbation: This requires a little bit of trust and a lot of confidence. Although it may make […]

9 Reasons to Have Sex Right Now!

Sex is the Ultimate Anti-Aging Solution. Studies show that people who engaged in sex 55-116 times a year looked up to a year to 2 years younger. Some people who were engaging in sex at a healthy frequency were reported to look up to 8 years younger. Sex Doubles your Life Expectancy. Those in studies who recounted […]