4 Winter Foods To Encourage Libido!

It’s easy in winter for our libidos to feel at an all-time low and science says it’s normal given our hibernation instincts in winter time, but there are ways to keep your energy and your sex drive up in the colder months with little effort! Indulging in these tips and foods may also help you stay slim this fall and winter season so read on to see which 4 winter foods can help encourage libido and below for more tips to keep sex drive revved all winter!


Eggs are high in vitamins, especially vitamins B5 & B6, which help to balance hormones while reducing stress. They are also high in cholesterol which helps the functioning of both testosterone and estrogen.

Pumpkin Seeds

Zinc plays a key role in sexual health for both men and women and guess what pumpkin seeds are high in ? Yep! Zinc! Also, they have a good amount of omega 3 fatty acids so you’re getting just the right stuff to feel your sexiest on a biological level.


Nuts are high in essential fatty acids which aids in the hormone production everyone needs to keep their libido up! They’re also high in L-arginine which is said to improve circulation and erectile response.


Broccoli seems to be especially beneficial for men since it contains Indole -3- Carbinol, a libido boosting compound for men. Women should limit their intake, though, as it can have the opposite effect for them.

Other Tips:

  • Keep Your Diet Healthy! A heavy diet can be a real damper on your sex drive so try to keep things healthy and light. You can still enjoy seasonal dishes, but try to limit your portions of the less-than healthy items and stock up on your greens and in season fruits!
  • Limit Alcohol Intake. Alcohol is a serious downer for libido. This doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your usual seasonal cocktail, but try to limit or avoid when you want to get lucky!
  • Stay Warm Together! Skin to skin contact is said to boost levels of oxytocin, a feel good hormone in women, so sleeping in the nude together may be just the ticket! Plus, easy access anytime all night long!
  • Ladies! Keep Your Socks On! Apparently, women are 30% more likely to orgasm if their feet are warm so keeping those adorable seasonal socks on is in your best interest!

I hope you enjoy these tips and be sure to enjoy yourself this winter with lots of healthy living and lots of winter romping!

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