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NEW Bondage Gear!

We’ve got some good news for you today! We’ve just added some brand new bondage gear to Masturgasm! Our latest tools of kink include hot tie bars, wrist cuffs, masks, and more. Come browse the full selection of bondage gear and see for yourself 😉 Shop the Sale on Masturgasm – here. Shop the Sale on Amazon […]

Your Erotic Guide to the Kinkiest Spring EVER.

Spring is the perfect time to get kinky! Whether you’re all about good vibes 😉 , spring cleaning, trying out new things, or just humping like rabbits, we’ve got all the tips and tricks you’ll need to have the naughtiest spring yet! Vibrators to Try this Spring How to Spring Clean + Update Your Sex […]

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Yiff Lovers

For the yiff lover, Valentine’s Day is likely a bit more specialized and with good reason! You’ll want your romance to have a fun furry twist and we agree 😉 We’ve come up with a curate list of items we think would make the perfect gift for any yiff lover come February 14th! Mr. Ed […]

3 Kinky Date Ideas for Fetish Lovers

You might think Valentine’s Day is a holiday that’s not for you because you’re into the kinkier side of things, but just because you’re not into vanilla date ideas doesn’t mean you can’t have a good time with your partner. Here are a few date ideas for those of you who are into the naughtier […]

NEW Seahorse Vibrator!

We have a very unique toy to share today – the Seahorse Vibrator! It’s unique in the sense that the design itself can be used for stimulation as desired and it’s absolutely adorable, am I right? I love the cute design which I think is perfect for anyone who wants a toy that’s fun, cute, […]

Product Spotlight: Welcome to the Jungle! (of Cock Rings)

Product Spotlight: Jungle Cock Rings Cock rings are one of our favorite toys here at Masturgasm. I mean, who DOESN’T want to be harder and last longer without using any risky pills or medication? It’s obvious how much use you can get from cock ring; our ancestors even used them. In this product spotlight, we […]

3 Ways to Improve Your Sexual Wellness in 2015!

Sexual wellness is extremely important for maintaining a healthy sex life and even your overall health so I came up with 3 helpful tips to improve your sexual wellness and stay healthy, fit and flirty all year long! Get A Check-Up. An annual and sometimes even biannual health check-up are great ways to maintain sexual […]