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How to Enjoy the Naughtiest New Year’s Eve Yet!

NYE is a great time to meet new people, enjoy quality kink time with a partner(s), or simply indulge in the present moment and be happy you’re alive. After all, that’s what the new year is about, right? Being alive for another year? So why not live it to the fullest? Here’s how to do […]

Safe Sex Tips for College Students

Whether you’re off to college yourself or sending off one of your eldest kids, safe sex is a must. If you happen to be going off to college and higher learning, you’re also heading off to an entirely new pinnacle of partying and sexual exploration. That said, you’ll want to make sure you’re protecting yourself […]

Strap-On Sex: Everything You Need to Know About Pegging

Pegging is not your everyday kink, but for some, it’s the key to absolute orgasmic bliss. If you’ve been curious about this unique bondage subculture and looking to try it for yourself, here’s everything you need to know before giving it a shot! Strap-On Sex: Everything You Need to Know About Pegging For Newbies Who […]

How to Make Sex A Spiritual Experience

How to Make Sex A Spiritual Experience Sex is wonderful in and of itself, but if you’re looking for something a little more fulfilling to your spiritual life and want to take sex to a higher level, I came up with a few tips to help you get there! Connect With Your Partner(s).¬†Obviously, the first […]

A Short Guide to Pet Play

Pet play is a unique subculture among the BDSM community and refers to a D/s relationship (dominant and submissive) in which the dominant and submissive engage in role play where the dominant plays the “owner” and the submissive plays the “pet.” Since it seems that this is a topic that has never been covered on […]

How to Spice Up Your Easter Weekend!

TGIFF Peeps! (See what I did there?) There are so many awesome ways to spice up your Easter weekend, but I’m talking more about the visceral, erotic variety so I came up with some fun ways to enjoy your Easter egg candy and a little naughtiness all in one go. Try Our New Bondage Gear […]

Last Chance to Shop Our February Specials!

Just a quick mention to you all that our February Specials are ending very soon! You only have a few days left to take advantage of our 15% off deal as well get Free Shipping on your order when you spend $100 or more so definitely get those deals while you can! Aside from those […]