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How to Enjoy the Naughtiest New Year’s Eve Yet!

NYE is a great time to meet new people, enjoy quality kink time with a partner(s), or simply indulge in the present moment and be happy you’re alive. After all, that’s what the new year is about, right? Being alive for another year? So why not live it to the fullest? Here’s how to do […]

What Leads to Sex In A Graveyard?

Sex in a graveyard may seem like a bizarre concept, but it happens and there are a few reasons why. Thrill seekers around this time of year may be considering a quick romp among the tombstones so here are some little known facts to what might lead to sex in a spooky atmosphere this Halloween. […]

Your Guide to Erotic Vampire Roleplay

With fall finally here and Halloween coming very soon, your mind might be on the seedier, wilder side of things to keep things sexy in the bedroom. Since we’re all about amping up the kink in your sex life, we’ve been doing research on ways to enjoy some wild naughty fun this fall and we […]

Your Guide to the Fishnet Fetish

So, what is a fishnet fetish? The fishnet fetish is a sub-genre of the underwear fetish and largely pertains to those who gain arousal by someone wearing fishnet or wearing fishnet themselves. This can include masturbation onto fishnet, watching someone put on and take off fishnet, or wearing fishnet on their own body. There are […]

Safe Sex Tips for College Students

Whether you’re off to college yourself or sending off one of your eldest kids, safe sex is a must. If you happen to be going off to college and higher learning, you’re also heading off to an entirely new pinnacle of partying and sexual exploration. That said, you’ll want to make sure you’re protecting yourself […]

3 Ways to Make Your Summer Road Trip Naughtier!

We’re on the last leg of summer, but there’s still time to pack it up and take a quick weekend road trip! Whether it’s to a nearby hot spot or somewhere further away, here are a few naughty ways to make life on the open road a little more fun! 3 Ways to Make Your […]

Strap-On Sex: Everything You Need to Know About Pegging

Pegging is not your everyday kink, but for some, it’s the key to absolute orgasmic bliss. If you’ve been curious about this unique bondage subculture and looking to try it for yourself, here’s everything you need to know before giving it a shot! Strap-On Sex: Everything You Need to Know About Pegging For Newbies Who […]