13 Naughty Ways To Spend Halloween!

Halloween is such a fun time to be naughty!

I mean, after all, as adults, we can’t really get away with trick-or-treating without looking like creeps anymore, but there is much adult fun to be had without creeping out the neighbors in the comfort of your own home or at a nearby (or far) hotel in order to celebrate and have your own fun!

I’m just saying, it’s a holiday full of mischief, almost like you’re encouraged to let your naughty side out to play, and I know just the way to spend it!

So, today’s post is my 13 naughtiest ideas for how you can spend this Halloween!

  1. Attend a Halloween Themed Swingers’ Party. If you’re single or in an open, adventurous relationship, you may consider stopping in to one of many swingers parties this Halloween for a chance to meet lots of fun and interesting people and stress-free hook-ups!
  2. Stay home and play ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ with your S.O. (optional – add a few friends!) Okay, so not exactly, unless you want to! But, my tame idea of this is to set up your home in the way that the mansion in this film is set up(if no children, if children, consider having them stay overnight with friends or parents). This means lots of satins and silks and masquerade type masks. I would suggest you both pick up some kind of lingerie for the event as well and maybe indulge in some role playing fun! 
  3. Trick-Or-Treat Scavenger Hunting Around the House! This idea can be done by itself or combined with the previous idea. Simply set up your house with candles and naughty ambiance, but also add stations around your home for naughty fun. For example, you can position them like this – kitchen, living room, bath/shower, and bed. Then, at each station, have some theme. The kitchen can involve foods you enjoy, a special dinner for intimate conversation and food play or aphrodisiac types, otherwise it can simply be erotic desserts and fun (chocolate or whip cream, as you like). The living room can be all foreplay and maybe include some toys. Shower might include washing each other and the bedroom can involve massages. Just make it personal and fun and to both of your tastes. This can also be applied to those trying to throw swinger parties in their own home as well!
  4. Play Asylum or Doctor! You remember being a kid and playing doctor? Well, this is just like that only naughtier, of course! Set up your home or a room in your home to look like an asylum or a doctor’s office, whichever you decide. This can be a fun way to try out a new style of sexual pleasure or just indulge in the fun of role playing. You  can also apply this idea to other ideas such as Teacher/Student in a classroom, Boss/Secretary in an office, or any number of ideas that you have. You can even incorporate multiple ideas if you wish so that each room is something different. An ‘Erotic House’ of sorts instead of a haunted one!
  5. Try Out Some Spooky New Toys! This may be tired to some, but it’s always a fun option, in my opinion, especially if it’s new to you. It’s a great time to indulge your darker, naughtier side! You can see some great ones to try – here.
  6. Have Sex In Fun Places! I always warn people to be careful about where they indulge their fantasies because it can absolutely end in arrest for public obscenities / nudity and what have you, but that doesn’t mean I’ve never taken a walk on the wild side of things. That being said, tread carefully and try to keep things off the beaten path and away from children if you absolutely must. You can check here for top exotic places to have sex for fun ideas!
  7. Try New Positions. I know, for some it’s old news, but for others this may be just the thing to kick off their winter season of undercover romps! I’m never opposed to fun, new positions because, truthfully, they really don’t get old as long as you take the time to alternate between a few to keep things interesting. Click here to see which burn the most calories! 
  8. Play Dungeon, 50 Shades of Grey, or Master & Slave! This is similar to the doctor/asylum type ideas only, instead of having it take place in one particular area, you can play M&S all over the house for an entire night! This can go as extreme or relaxed as you like, but I recommend you both talk about what you’re okay doing (or being asked to do) and what you’re not. As in 50 shades, maybe you’ll want to draw up a contract! 😉
  9. Costume Roleplay. This is simplifying things a bit, but it is less restrictive than the others in terms of costume because you can simply role play in whatever costume you decide on. Just make sure it’s a character you wish to play!
  10. Indulge Your Erotic Sweet Tooth! Make it a night of treats and desserts and then put an erotic spin on things! You can both whip up fun treats otherwise you can simply have fun with chocolate syrup and whipped cream. My advice is to keep towels and napkins on hand; this play is fun, but seriously messy so keep it in the kitchen or keep spare sheets on hand! For libido fueling foods – check here.
  11. Get Spooked & Then Sexed! If you’re the type that enjoys visiting haunted houses and events, then do so with your S.O. and get lots of scaring in! Otherwise, you can stay home and scare yourself with horror flicks, but the point is to get your adrenaline pumping and then enjoy heart-racing fun. (Please do not try this if you have heart conditions or high blood pressure.) 
  12. Scary ‘Cock’-tails. Just a play on words, of course, but you could always theme your drinks with naughty innuendos and enjoy some tasty cocktails with your S.O. alone or with friends. Then, sneak away and enjoy more pleasurable activities! For fun cocktail ideas – check here.
  13. Candlelit Strip Poker! Turn the lights down low (or off), light some candles up and enjoy some erotic strip poker. You can do dares or fun sexual favors for one another along with each item of clothing or however you wish. You can include dinner and dessert, just dessert or just poker.

Whatever you do, enjoy yourself , be safe and have a new sexual experience this Halloween!

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