The Roots of Tantric Sex


The Roots (Origins) of Tantric Sex

Throughout time, there have always been methods, arts, and sciences dedicated to sex and connection, but the oldest known sexual art is the art of Tantra ( “Tan” meaning to expand or weave and “tra” meaning tool.) Tantra is a methodology that leads some towards better intimate bond with their partner through both mind and body connection. The exact origins are unknown because most of the knowledge passed down was passed orally. An ancient guru of tantric arts would have been a master of the personal connection in our times. Maybe this skill was too powerful to be known by everyone.

It is generally accepted that Tantra originated over 6,000 years ago in India and, over the years, it transferred through many cultures into various forms of tantric arts. The earliest use of the word “Tantra” is in the Rigveda; an ancient Indo-Aryan collection of Sanskrit Hymns. The most commonly known writings about tantra are in the Kama Sutra and the Ananga Ranga (another Indian sex manual), but the purest forms of tantra were passed down through personal instruction and initiation.

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  2. […] Tantra. Tantra is the art of meditation during sex. It’s aim is to help you reach higher states of pleasure […]

  3. […] Tantra. Tantra is the art of meditation during sex. It’s aim is to help you reach higher states of pleasure and […]

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