Product Spotlight: Bed Knob Buddies



Product Spotlight: Bed Knob Buddies

Who knew that bed knobs, seemingly harmless objects, could have so many erotic applications! Did You know that some people stick their dildos on bed knobs and door knobs to use them as the base of some great stimulation? Others just see bed knobs as what they grab on to when doing the nasty 😉 In this product spotlight, we talk about the Bed Knob Buddies Series; a series of incredible anal toys inspired by the infamous bed knob.


The Bed Knob Buddies

The Bed Knob Buddy Series

The Bed Knob Buddy is a simple toy. A bed knob-shaped butt plug with a slight taper, it can be used as a dildo or anal toy! The suction cup is very strong on nearly any surface, providing a sturdy base for solo sessions or fun with a partner. It also comes in 3 different sizes for every level of eroticism: Small, Medium, and Large for those who are truly masters of kink! So, don’t delay, browse these awesome toys in our online store and grab the bed knob buddy!

Good Vibes, and Sexy Times my Friends ;P

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Shop the Sale on Amazon – here.


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