3 Reasons to Have An Affair


Sure, cheating’s not the most ethical thing we could do, but it’s quite the rush, don’t ya think? Besides the morality issue with cheating, I can think of a whole lot of reasons why it’s something you should try, at least once in your life. After all, you only live once 😉 so here are 3 positive reasons to have an affair!

3 Reasons to Have An Affair

  1.  Longer, Better Orgasms. Okay, so this is subjective, but it’s true to say that when you’re having an affair, the excitement of getting caught alone will get you hot and heavy. Add to that the feeling of letting go of your inhibitions and it’s a recipe for the big O! Since you’re more likely to experiment, feel less ashamed, and truly be yourself during an affair, sexual experimentation is a go and that always leads to – you got it – longer, better orgasms.
  2. More Exciting Sex. Just as the orgasms are better, so too is the overall excitement. Because you’ll have limited time to be together and have the fear of getting caught looming over you, you’ll want to get right down to business without delay! This amps up your heart rate which really gets your blood pumping…
  3. It’s A Total Rush! Like I said, it’s an absolute and total rush to have an affair, especially if you happen to work with that person! Meeting up for only a short amount of time for a little hot and heavy action is a huge adrenaline rush and that’s probably why we keep coming back for more 😉

So maybe you still don’t want to have an affair and that’s okay, but for those of us who do, well, now we know exactly why we enjoy the heat of those moments so much!

Stay Safe & Naughty 😉

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