Naughty Fourth of July Date Ideas



The Fourth of July is coming up soon so I thought I’d think up some fun date ideas for those of you who will be spending some quality time with a partner this year.

  1. Beach Fireworks. Whether you do the deed on a private or otherwise secluded beach, this could be a fun change of pace for this year’s 4th! Take a skinny dip in the ocean and enjoy a little voyeurism. You only live once!
  2. Stay Indoors. You could opt to check into a luxury hotel and create your own personal party indoors. Create your own “fireworks” with a jaunt in the hot tub, some new sex toys and lots of enthusiasm!
  3. Poolside. If you can get a pool to yourself or sneak into one after closing time ;-), then this is a fun way to enjoy a little naughty fun! I wouldn’t recommend going “all the way” in the pool (chlorine can cause UTIs), but having a steamy make out session with some fun extras is always enjoyable!

Have A Very Naughty Weekend!

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  1. […] Naughty 4th of July Date Ideas […]

  2. […] Naughty 4th of July Date Ideas […]

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