Easy Steps to Throwing Your Own Gay Pride Party!


  • Brunch It! Whether you throw a brunch breakfast get together of your own or meet up at a local restaurant, brunch is always a great idea. If you decide to throw your own, fun ideas include creating a breakfast bar with fruit, waffles, pancakes, and other fun toppings with a cute outside table set up to enjoy the nice mid-morning weather.
  • Casual Potluck. Casual potlucks are easy and fun. Throw a cute tablecloth on your dining table and ask your friends to bring over their favorite dishes. Everyone pitches in and it’s a party!
  • Summer BBQ. Summer BBQs are perfect for this time of year since it’s pretty hot and nobody really wants to do a lot of cooking. Pick up some meat and/or veggies to grill on kabobs, cut up some fruit, put drinks in an ice chest and chill by the pool!
  • Black Tie Dinner Party. Black tie dinner parties are perfect for anyone who wants to go all out and enjoy this month to the fullest. Get a chic rainbow tablecloth and have that be the only color in your party. Everything else is black or white. This gives the style of your party a more formal feel to it. Serve up some super classy hors d’oeurves, fun cocktails, and a 3 course meal if you like. You can do it all from your home or rent out a rooftop spot with some close friends!

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  1. […] rights for the LGBT community, be sure to do your part! If you feel like having fun, definitely throw your own pride party! There are tons of other ways to celebrate gay pride month so if you’d rather go out and […]

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