Have Your Sexiest Summer Yet With These Tips!


With summer in full force, there’s so much time for naughty recreational activities and these tips are perfect for helping you make the most of long summer days!

  1. Stay Cool. This means staying indoors with the air on or taking things outside to the pool or beach. Whatever naughty fun you have, make sure it’s in a comfortable environment. When it’s 105 out and you’re in a house with no A/C, it kind of kills your sex drive so make sure you stay cool!
  2. Stay Hydrated. This means drinking lots of water, eating hydrating fruits and vegetables, and watching your alcohol intake. Alcohol is awesome to have in the summer, but it also dehydrates you so just be sure to keep your water intake up, especially if you plan on being outdoors and in direct sunlight.
  3. Go On An Adventure! Whatever you do this summer, try something new! Take a fun road trip, go on vacation, try a new sex toy or sex position, or simply discover a new local restaurant. It’s inspiring (and a huge turn on!) to experience new things this time of year with your partner and/or friends.

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