The Skeleton Extender: Add Some Halloween Fun To Your Pleasure Experience!

Halloween is not that far off and before you know it, it will be upon us once more. Many of us go to theme parks for Halloween haunts, take our children trick-or-treating or throw fun parties. Others still stay in a watch our favorite horror flicks with friends. For any and all of us, the Skeleton Extender is an erotic addition to anyone’s Halloween fun, especially when pleasure is in mind!

Made by USA based TSX Toys, the Skeleton Extender is designed with an almost “Dia de Los Muertos” theme to it, it’s skeletal face both frightening and fascinating at the same time, yielding immeasurable amounts of pleasure to those who venture to use it with their partner. Measuring an intimidating 10.5 inches, this extender is NOT for the faint at heart, although it might make a fun challenge for you and your partner this Halloween. So get into the spirit of the season and enjoy your pleasure romps with the assistance of the Skeleton Extender; it’s bony ridges feel amazing while inside you and the extender lends the wearer a few extra inches and a longer, more intense erection with a more satisfying climax when you finish!

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