Happy President’s Day – Remembering 4 President Sex Scandals


Happy President’s Day!

+ 4 President Sex Scandals that Will Shock You 

Today is a day we all celebrate, though at this point it’s likely we hardly know what the point is. That’s why I thought it would be fun to remember our presidents with a little naughty Masturgasm style! So, today’s post is sharing 3 president sex scandals that have helped shape our country, lived on throughout history (in infamy), and that are quite scandalous.

  1. James Buchanan and William Rufus King – Our not-so-notable 19th century president, President James Buchanan, was a well-known bachelor who lived for many years with a senator from Alabama, William Rufus King. Many referred to King as Buchanan’s “wife” and the pair were allegedly lovers, though much remains a mystery.
  2. Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings – Thomas Jefferson’s affair with mixed-race slave, Sally Hemings, is extremely well-documented and they reportedly parented 6 six children together. It’s often a huge topic of discussion and debate whether it would be considered an affair, though, as taking slave concubines during the time would not have been uncommon.
  3. John F. Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe – The affair between JFK and Marilyn Monroe is fairly well known, though you may not know that JFK was also alleged to have had affairs with many other women including Marlene Dietrich, his wife’s press secretary, and a few others are noted as well.
  4. Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky – This is one I’m sure you know about if you aren’t living under a rock and are over the age of 18. Although his affair with Lewinsky was likely the most publicized, Clinton was also alleged to have had affairs with a ton of other women including Gennifer Flowers, Elizabeth Ward Gracen and more.

What’s Your Favorite President Sex Scandal?

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