A Naughty Holiday Mistletoe Game!

naughty holiday mistletoe game

A Naughty Holiday Mistletoe Game!

With all the holiday festivities going on, we thought it would be fun to share a quick naughty holiday mistletoe game you can play with you partner once you’re alone on a cold winter night! The game is easy enough to play. All you need is a little mistletoe. You may know the traditional way of using mistletoe is to hang over your door so people who meet under the door have to kiss. We’ve taken things a step further and added a little kink and spice to the game. Set up a few mistletoe bundles hanging in various places in your home and go from station to station, as you like, with some fun in between! This game is easy to tailor to your own tastes, fetishes, and interests so do what you like and remember: have fun! It’s the holidays, for goodness sake (couldn’t help myself)!

  • Kissing, Of Course. It’s tradition! You should start out your first station with some kissing. Now, whether that’s a sweet, innocent kiss or something more devious is up to you 😉
  • Drop & Give Me Oral Favors! At least one of your mistletoe stations should be dedicated to oral favors. Whatever your favorite thing to do, whether rim jobs, blow jobs, or something else, this is a fun way to treat your partner.
  • Suck on this (mistle) Toe 😉 A fun play on words, foot play is a fun way to enjoy a little kink! Alternatively, if you’re not into feet, then bondage ties, playing with some dildos and anal plugs, or indulging in some yiff animal roleplay are also some naughty things to add to the mistletoe stations around your home.

Happy Holidays! 

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