Product Spotlight: Masturbators



Product Spotlight: Masturbators

Need a helping hand? Masturbators make that a simple, enjoyable, and solo pleasure ride and we have some extra special ones! These 3 masturbators are made from a unique fauxskin material which is extra velvety soft, almost better than the real thing!

Diablita Masturbator

Ever wanted to dance with the devil? With the diablita, you will be shaking alot more than just a hand. This masturbator features an oral and anal passage so you can experience the best of both worlds whenever you want!

Learn more and purchase the Diablita Masturbator

The Substitute Masturbator

The Substitute is the go-to masturbator for those in need of a realistic substitute. The vaginal and anal cavities are accurately designed to represent human counterparts. With each stroke, you get closer and closer to pure ecstasy and better yet; you can enjoy it any time!

Learn more and purchase the Substitute Masturbator

Anime Sex Masturbator

Sometimes, we don’t just want normal sex; sometimes, what we want involves a little more kink! Our quirky Anime Sex Masturbator is the perfect solution! This masturbator has TONS of visual appeal, featuring a large chested female moaning in ecstasy on top of the masturbator for you to enjoy while you please yourself!

Learn more and purchase the Anime Sex Masturbator

We also have other masturbators in our online store! Check it out and see what masturbator is right for you!

Shop the Sale on Masturgasm – here.

Shop the Sale on Amazon – here.


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