3 Naughty Ideas for Fall


I know it’s not yet fall, but it’s finally September and that’s practically the same thing! Autumn is wonderful time to enjoy cooler weather and some uninterrupted naughtiness so I thought I’d share some fun ideas to try when fall finally hits.

Here are 3 Naughty Ideas for Fall:

  1. Stay Under the Covers! When the weather gets colder, our libidos can tend to take a dive so staying warm is essential to enjoying intimacy to the fullest.
  2. Get Kinky! Trying some new sex toys, positions, or maybe just a little bondage can refresh your entire routine and bring you and your partner closer than ever.
  3. Rock Your Socks! Studies show that wearing socks can increase your chances of orgasm because they keep your feet warm. For some reason, warmer feet equals more comfort and more orgasms!

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  1. […] sure you wear your socks during naughty […]

  2. […] sex life has gone by the wayside or now feels dull and boring, try mixing things up! Give these naughty fall ideas a go, try new sex toys, new sex positions, or simply talk about what you both like in bed. […]

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