NEW Sex Toys on Masturgasm!

NEW Sex Toys on Masturgasm!

Periodically, we upload new items we think you would enjoy and we have 3 new butt plugs now available for the upcoming season that are perfect for the fall!


Angel Wings Butt Plug 

Perfect for beginners and advanced anal players alike, this Angel Wings Butt Plug is the perfect way to enjoy a little kink with a side of divinity 😉 The handle is designed to look like angel wings, complete with texture while the plug itself is slightly tapered for a gradual build up of intensity.


  • Total Length: 5 3/4 Inches
  • Insertable Length: 5 1/4 Inches
  • Around Largest Point: 7 1/2 Inches


Butterfly Butt Plug

With a uniquely designed handle inspired by butterflies, this beginner to intermediate butt plug has a tapered shape with lube trails for added, long lasting lubrication.


  • Total Length: 7 Inches
  • Insertable Length: 4.75 Inches
  • Around Largest Point: 5 3/8 Inches


Buttweiser King of Rears Butt Plug

Inspired by one of our favorite brews,  this unique Buttweiser King of Rears Butt Plug is designed for those who enjoy a good time! Complete with lube trails down the shaft, this tapered plug is enjoyed by all levels of anal players.


  • Total Length: 6 3/4 Inches
  • Insertable Length: 4 3/4 Inches
  • Neck Length: 4 Inches
  • Length Around Largest Point: 7 Inches

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