Bang on a Budget: 5 Adult Toys under $50!

Masturgasm Budget Deals

5 Great Adult Toys for Under 50$

 photo rumpa_bump_bump_11344011_05__79929140537928912801280_zpsdad7938c.jpg

The Rumpa Bump Bump Penis Extension. ( Price $39.99*) What goes bump in the night, and causes extreme delight? This extension, of course! Our Rumpa Bump Bump Penis Extension turns your cock into an extreme anal pleasure machine! This is an all in one toy that adds both girth and length to your penis while also functioning as an erotic anal play toy! This bad boy is sure to keep things interesting between the sheets. Browse our entire line of naughty penis extensions and girth expanders here!

 photo 3bangssmall_zps499c5152.jpg

3 Bangs For Your Butt. ( Small )Price $28.99*) Keep that booty tremblin’ with the three bangs multi-chamber anal toy! Enjoy every stage of this plug and come back for more, complete with suction action, so it’s ready for shower play or wall play any time you want it! For those who want something a little more modest size-wise, check out our Mini Bang for your Butt (Price $26.99*)

  photo woodyCring_zps606c2bf0.jpg

Woody Cock Ring. ( Price $24.99*) Get the gift that keeps you and her cumming again and again! The woody cock ring is a uniquely designed cock ring that keeps you harder for longer while providing both anal AND vaginal stimulation for your partner during penetration. So forget about those “normal” cock rings, it’s time for a WILD RIDE! ;-P

 photo wolf_man_02__89761140537916012801280_zps2e28547d.jpg

The Wolfman Canine Animal Dildo ( Price $36.99*) Our anatomically correct wolf penis is a real crowd pleaser! Feel the pleasure of this toy locking into place as you take every inch during naughty yiff roleplay. If you are truly a furry adventurist, you can even take the knot! This is an excellent toy for all your furry friends! Browse our entire yiff toy selection here.

 photo Paramour_01-5000-01-1_08__01894140537956212801280_zps1770fc0d.jpg

The Paramour Cock Ring. ( Price $10.99!* This is NOT your run of the mill cock ring. Designed to please both partners, this cock ring has a flared out textured side that can provide pleasure in MANY different ways. This is the perfect toy for those who are looking to try out a more unique type of cock ring! If you are new to cock rings, I recommend checking out our Beginners Guide to Cock Rings.

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Have Naughty Fall Fun this Weekend!

Shop the Sale on Masturgasm – here.

Shop the Sale on Amazon – here.


* Tax is only applicable to California customers, price does not include shipping.


  1. […] Bang On a Budget: 5 Adult Toys For Under $50 […]

  2. […] Bang On a Budget: 5 Adult Toys For Under $50 […]

  3. […] Bang On a Budget: 5 Adult Toys For Under $50 […]

  4. […] Bang On a Budget: 5 Adult Toys For Under $50 […]

  5. […] Bang On a Budget: 5 Adult Toys For Under $50 […]

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