10 Ways to Make Trying Anal More Fun


Anal play can be tons of fun, especially if you’re new to this much-loved sex niche, but for those who have been in the game a bit longer, here are 10 sure fire ways to keep things spicy when it comes to your favorite erotic pastime!

  1. Go Smooth. Trying out smoothly textured toys can be a nice change of pace to conventional anal play or those who typically go for more textured toys. Some great ones to try are the Intermediate Falcon Ass Egg or the Smooth Move Butt Plug
  2. Get Textured. Alternatively, if you’re someone who typically sticks to smooth textured toys, you may want to venture into the vast selection of textured pieces that we offer in order to amp up the intensity for yourself. My favorite texturized toys are the Fondovalle Spiral Butt Plug and the Polyphemus Mega Suction Butt Plug.
  3. Upgrade – Sizes that is! If you’ve been sticking to a particular length or width, perhaps it’s time to make an upgrade to a longer or wider toy. If you want length, check out the Prostidude Plug and if you want width, the Fruitylicious Mega Suction Butt Plug is fantastic!
  4. Get A Bit More Intimate. One really great way to make your anal experience a bit more personal is by using extensions and we have a great toy meant just for that purpose – Rumpa Bump Bump Penis Extension – which is well loved by many anal connoisseurs!
  5. Go for Length. As Previously stated, upgrading is a great way to add a bit more excitement to anal play and my personal favorite anal toys are longer than they are wider. Some of my favorites are the Polyphemus Mega Suction Butt Plug and the Prostidude Plug.
  6. Double Penetration Adventures! Now, before you skip to the next tip, I’m not talking any old double penetration, unless you’re all for that, then by all means proceed! For those wanting to avoid threesomes, we have the perfect toy series for you! Our Fidelity toys is a series of 3 – 2 of which include anal attachments which allow your partner to penetrate you at the same time as the toy attachment for double penetration fun. There are 2 levels – Fidelity Anal Fantasy #1 and Fidelity Anal Fantasy #2 – both are equally amazing!
  7. Back to Your Roots. If you’ve steered deeply into the realm of anal fun, perhaps it’s time for a trip back to your roots where you can enjoy a pleasant anal experience with just you and your partner. It’s personal, intimate and still very enjoyable!
  8. Take Up A Challenge! And by challenge, we mean indulging in larger sizes of anal toys! We have series of differing anal toys which come in several different sizes for those who want to start smaller and work their way up. My favorite is the 3 Bangs for Your Butt series which comes in small, medium and large varieties.
  9. Solo Suction Fun. Sometimes we all just need some alone time! What better way to get that than with a fun suction plug? The 2 Shots in the Dark Plug is my favorite because it’s big enough to really enjoy and feel every bit, but not too large to control and it has a strong suction cup on it so it won’t move while you have your fun!
  10. Try A Plugring! We have several plugring varieties and, if you don’t know already, plugrings are basically cock rings attached to anal plugs which help intensify the pleasure for men. I personally can’t try these as I’m a woman, but my boyfriend loves the Plugring Dragon best!

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