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Time to Shop the Black November Deals!

Black November is here at long last! We’re sharing all of our specials for the month, each week, with our blog subscribers. Stay tuned in the next few days and the entire month for new deals each and every week all through November. Browse the Deals on Masturgasm – here. Browse the Deals on Amazon – here. xO

It’s Friday the 13th!

It’s Friday the 13th! Can you believe Friday the 13th finally landed in October? How cool/creepy is that? In honor of this very spooky day, we propose everyone lets their devilish side out to play. Enter: the Devil Inside Me Plug! Along with it’s softly textured pitchfork tail, the Devil Inside Me Plug is a […]

Kinky Sex Toys for Halloween!

Kinky Sex Toys for Halloween! Halloween is coming! It’s the perfect time to indulge in your darker, more deviant side and we know just the toys to help you get there. Enjoy any of these this month and get up to 20% Off your order! Ream and Scream Butt Plug Rise and grind with the […]

3 Sex Toys to Try this Fall 

3 Sex Toys to Try this Fall  Fall is here and it’s time to indulge in all things sensual and naughty! Here are 2 sex toys to try this fall to stir up fun in the bedroom 😉 Plus, if you purchase all 3 this week, you’ll get 15% Off in our Amazon store!   […]

Labor Day Weekend Special Starts Now!

Labor Day Weekend Special Starts Now!  Happy Labor Day weekend to you! Our awesome Free Shipping deal starts right now! All weekend long, Get Free Shipping on your order – enjoy! Browse the Deals on Masturgasm – here. Browse the Deals on Amazon – here. xO

Back to School with the Headmaster Dildo!

Back to School with the Headmaster Dildo! It’s time for some old fashioned discipline! School is in and it’s time to hit the naughty erotica books with the Headmaster Dildo! The flared head and veined shaft stimulate you like no other!  Enjoy our end of summer sale on Masturgasm all month long! Browse the Deals […]

End of Summer Deals Are Here!

End of Summer Deals Are Here! We’ve got some awesome deals going through to the end of summer! You can get up to 20% Off through the end of the month PLUS purchase 3+ items in our Amazon store and you’ll get FREE Shipping this weekend only! To get deals on Masturgasm, check the site […]