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How to Spice Up Your Easter Weekend!

TGIFF Peeps! (See what I did there?) There are so many awesome ways to spice up your Easter weekend, but I’m talking more about the visceral, erotic variety so I came up with some fun ways to enjoy your Easter egg candy and a little naughtiness all in one go. Try Our New Bondage Gear […]

Get 15% Off All Month Long!

I bring good news to you naughty readers today 😉 In honor of Valentine’s Day, we’re offering 15% Off ALL Orders of $50+ in February on Masturgasm! You can get something special for yourself or a partner just in time for Valentine’s Day so shop the deal while you can – this won’t last! * […]

3 Places to Have A Valentine’s Day Romp!

Valentine’s Day is a little over a month away so you may want to start planning now if you want to do something special, even if it is just a special occasion romp! Because sex gives you endorphins and we love to see you happy, we came up with 3 fun places you can enjoy […]

Fun Favors to Offer to Someone On Valentine’s Day

As you all know, Valentine’s Day can get a little crazy and consumer driven at times what with diamond rings, bling and other fun gift things, but I wanted to take the time to tell you all that there are plenty of other ways to show your appreciation and love without spending little to no […]

4 Romantic Ways to Spend the Holidays!

As the holidays approach, we remember and rejoice with the people we love the most: our families, friends and close acquaintances. And as the holidays bring lots of great food, coziness, love and cheer, I begin to consider how we can all add some romance to our lives with our significant other or maybe just […]

Free Gifts Galore At Masturgasm.Com All December Long!

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Holiday Special – FREE Gift With Purchase At Masturgasm!

For the entire month of December, starting right now, All Orders of $50 or More with Receive a FREE Gift with Purchase! Give the Sassy Pink Vibrator as a gift or keep it for yourself! Get Your Free Gift At Masturgasm! Shop Our Line of Sex Toys on Masturgasm – here.  xO

13 Naughty Ways To Spend Halloween!

Halloween is such a fun time to be naughty! I mean, after all, as adults, we can’t really get away with trick-or-treating without looking like creeps anymore, but there is much adult fun to be had without creeping out the neighbors in the comfort of your own home or at a nearby (or far) hotel […]

The Fake Orgasm Phenomenon

Fake orgasms are defined as the act of pretending to experience an orgasm (usually during sexual acts) without actually experiencing one. It may surprise you to find that almost 50% of women claimed in web surveys to have faked an orgasm at one point or another and 40% of men claimed the same. I suppose […]

Auto Erotica 101

Auto Erotica…AKA Masturbation…AKA Onanism…AKA Self-Abuse…AKA Self-Pollution? WAIT A SECOND. What? If you’re not sure what I’m getting at, let’s start from the beginning. Masturbation. Masturbation is the act of pleasuring oneself, usually with a goal of ultimate orgasm. There are many variations of that, but they usually involve that same basic A to B goal. […]