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Product Spotlight: FUTURECOCKS

  Product Spotlight: The Cocks of the Future With 2015 here (the futuristic year in Back to the Future, of course), we thought it was time to roll out some futuristic phallics! The penis is the most common phallic object in existence, obviously, because it is THE phallus. These days we modify our penis to […]

Product Spotlight: Horse Play

  Product Spotlight: Horse Play In the animal world, there are no rules, morals, or reservations when it comes to sex. Things are what they are. This is possibly why so many people are attracted to animal nature and acting on primal instincts…It removes the rules of society that constrain us all. The horse is […]

Product Spotlight: Doggy Style

  Product Spotlight: Doggy Style Doggy style is an awesome position, but what if we want more canine action? Well, if you want to have doggy style, you gotta have the kinky doggy gear! In this product spotlight, we take things down canine lane and show you some of our fantastic doggy adult toys! Clifford […]

New Arrivals: MensWear!

Today I’m sharing a few of our new releases with you as we’ve recently begun carrying menswear! We have some awesome new menswear in stock that you’ll definitely love! It’s just in time for Valentine’s Day next month so you can pick a pair for yourself or someone special to enjoy! Browse our NEW Menswear Collection on Masturgasm. NEW […]

Product Spotlight: Venomous Erotica

  Product Spotlight: Venemous Erotica There are many dangerous things on this planet and for some dangerous can mean exciting or even sexual which is why we love these venomous dildos! Snakes and scorpions are just the sort of sexual danger anyone who enjoys life with a little risk and adrenaline will enjoy, at least […]

New Sex Toy Arrivals for January

We’ve released so many new toys this past month or so that I felt it was worth sharing some of the newer items and a few of the blog features we’ve done recently as well so you can see which ones will work best for you and your sexual tastes ;-P NEW Fisting Toys – […]

5 Sex Positions You’ve Never Heard Of!

Sex positions can be a fun, easy way to spice up your sex life and while I’m sure we’ve all tried the basic ones, there are a TON of sex positions out there to be explored and experimented with that you’ve probably never heard of. Here are 5 sex positions you’ve never heard of that […]