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Halloween Lust: DIY Naughty Haunted House, Costumes, and More!

Halloween is such a fun time of year and we’ve been having fun creating posts to help you make the most of it! Here’s What You Might Have Missed This Week :  How To Play A Game of Naughty Trick or Treat! Get Kinky: Celebrate Your Naughty Halloween At A Swingers Club!  3 Naughty DIY […]

Get Freaky: 3 Tips to DIY Your Own Naughty Haunted House

Who says haunted houses are just for the mainstream? Haunted houses, after all, are just for fun and we have some fun tips you can use to DIY your very own haunted house, only naughtier! There’s no reason to even need to leave your house this Halloween when you’re done with your DIY naughty haunted […]

3 Naughty DIY Halloween Costumes for Kinky Halloween Roleplay!

There are so many Halloween costume options out there, but many of them are expensive and often time consuming which is why we came up with 3 fun and naughty (of course) DIY Halloween costumes with a little less effort and a lot more kink! These ideas are really simple, cheap, easy to do, and […]

Limited Time Offer! Join Our Mailing List & Get 15% Off On Masturgasm!

Join Our Mailing List & Get 10% Off + 5% Off w/ Our Current Flash Weekender Special! To get the deal, check out the link below and look on the left hand side of our Masturgasm site where it says “Get 10% Off.” Click on that button and a screen will pop up, prompting you […]

Product Spotlight: Fruitylicious Mega Butt Plug

Inspired by the luscious lemon, this massive anal toy is the perfect challenge for any anal connoisseur seeking the ultimate heights in ecstasy! Lightly textured to imitate lemon peel, this butt plug is tapered so the top of it narrows to a point and the bottom expands with each ridge. Coupled with a big mega […]

Flash Weekender Deal! – Break the Ice In Your Sex Life!

Break the Ice in Your Sex Life with Masturgasm! It’s a well known fact that our sex drives slow down when winter comes. Lower temperatures, early dark nights, and the frequent chill dulls our libidos so that we’re less likely to feel sexual desire and arousal as much. Not to worry! With this weekend’s deal, […]

Get Great Deals on Seductive Vibes at Masturgasm!

At Masturgasm, we have a hand picked selection of vibes which vary in color, shape, size, and style, but are all meant to bring you the most pleasurable sexual experiences imaginable! From the uniquely round shaped vibes (as seen above), to the more traditional rabbit and g-spot vibes, we have something for everyone! Here are […]