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Product Spotlight: Ream and Dream Suction Butt Plug

Our Ream and Dream Suction Butt Plug is a medium-large-ish sized plug with a beautifully smooth shaft that also has some delightful ridges down it which are great for keeping your toy lubed and smooth for ease and comfortable use. Why, you ask? The lubricant falls into the ridges and is less likely to slide […]

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Masturgasm!

Happy St. Patty’s Day from Masturgasm! I hope you all have a very lucky day today filled with lots of naughtiness! If you want to get some of that luck now, take advantage of our Naughty March Special 😉 Naughty St. Patrick’s Day Posts:  Get Lucky with Our Naughty March Special! Fun Traditional Irish Fare for Your […]

Get St. Patrick’s Day Deals While You Can!

Happy Friday! After a somewhat exhausting week, I’m more than happy to take on the weekend. And by take on the weekend, I mean sleep through it. No, I jest. I’ll actually be going to a St. Patrick’s Day party which brings me to…our Naughty March Special – have you gotten those deals yet?! When […]

Fun Traditional Irish Fare for Your Naughty St. Patty’s Day ♣

In honor of upcoming St. Patrick’s Day and since I’m Irish American, I thought it would be fun to do a list of my favorite Irish fare since a lot of you may be celebrating this awesome holiday soon! I’m not saying I’m the expert on this sort of this, but I’m part Irish and […]

Product Spotlight: The Clifford Dog Penis Dong

Our Clifford Dog Penis Dong is perfect for puppy fetish and other yiff play as it’s modeled directly after the real deal! In fact, this dong is a uniquely stylized replica of the real thing, complete with a knot at the base. Measuring in at 9 inches, this toy is perfect for yiff fetish fun […]

5 Tips to Get Lucky this St. Patrick’s Day!

Sex is on my mind today and not just any kind, but a special kind of sex : St. Patty’s Day Sex ♣ Since I’m on a madwoman’s mission to get laid, by any means necessary this St. Patrick’s Day, I thought I would share my tips and tactics for how to get the job […]

Get Lucky with Our Naughty March Special!

Get Lucky In March With Our Naughty Special! When you spend $100 or more, You’ll Receive 15% Off Your ENTIRE Order! Top: Wet Platinum Lubricant / Elbow Grease Light Lubricant / Sex Grease Lubricant Bottom: Matador Vibrating Dildo with SMP Vibe / Steampunk Cock Ring (Antique Olive) / 2″ Veinzy Penis Extension Get the deal while you can and […]

Product Spotlight: 8.5 Inch Frenchy Super Cock Dildo

There are many reasons you’ll want to give the 8.5″ Frenchy Super Cock Dildo a whirl, but I thought I’d outline a few key points just in case you’re still on the fence about it 😉 First off, this dildo has some major stimulating texture, from it’s head to it’s base. From the smooth texture […]

3 Sex Toys to Try this Spring!

Spring is a perfect time to try new things so I thought I would recommend some toys that are tons of fun, but not too far out there to be intimidating. Of course, if you’re into the out-of-the-box type toys, definitely check out this post I did awhile ago – HERE 😉 Mini Bang for […]

3 Sex Toys for A Rainy Day!

TGIF! It’s a rainy day where I am which, in my humble opinion, is a perfect time to try out some new toys between my cozy, warm sheets 😉 If, like me, you freeze when put on the spot to think of things to try out, here’s 3 delightful toys to try out today ( […]