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LAST CHANCE for July Deals!

LAST CHANCE for July Deals! These are ending in 24 hours, kinksters,  so get the awesome discounts while you still can 😉 Masturgasm Deals: Get 10% Off Your ENTIRE Order (international checkout orders included!) – No Order Minimum Requirement; Limited to One Per Person Per Order. Use Coupon Code: MG11712 at checkout to get the discount. […]

Don’t Miss Our Weekend Deals!

TGIFF!  It’s incredibly hot here in sunny California so I’ve been thinking of ways to stay cool and enjoy a little intimacy, but whatever the weather, everyone loves some awesome weekend sales, amirite? So without rambling on too much, here they are 😉 Enjoy! Masturgasm Deals: Get 10% Off Your ENTIRE Order (international checkout orders […]

Happy Independence Day!

Happy 4th of July from all of us at Masturgasm!  We’re all wishing you a wonderful (and hopefully naughty) day filled with delicious food, fireworks, and fun. Here are a few awesome ways to celebrate: Support American Made Sex Toys on Independence Day Naughty 4th of July Date Ideas How to Have A Naughty Summer […]

4th of July Weekend Sale!

4th of July Weekend Sale! In honor of our Independence Day, we’re having an awesome weekend sale where you can get a massive 20% off any $20 or more order! Use Code: 20OFF at checkout when shopping on Masturgasm! Our Amazon store has an incredible summer sale going on this entire month so be sure […]

How to Get Laid on the 4th of July!

How to Get Laid on the 4th of July! There is something of an art to getting lucky on Independence Day, but it certainly can be done and you can bet senses will be heightened this fourth of July so it won’t be all that difficult either! If your goals for this year’s American independence […]

How to Get Laid this Valentine’s Day

  There are a ton of ways to get laid on Valentine’s Day, but we thought we would share some of our favorites and ones that we think will be most effective! Speak from the Heart. Spend Quality Time Together. Find the Perfect Gift for that Special Someone. Try New Positions. Increase Your Libido Naturally. […]

NEW Seahorse Vibrator!

We have a very unique toy to share today – the Seahorse Vibrator! It’s unique in the sense that the design itself can be used for stimulation as desired and it’s absolutely adorable, am I right? I love the cute design which I think is perfect for anyone who wants a toy that’s fun, cute, […]