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Try Anal In Honor of Anal August!

Try Anal In Honor of Anal August! #AnalAugust is almost over, you guys, so be sure to stock up on all your favorites! If you have yet to take the plunge and try anal play, I highly recommend it! We have a large number of anal sex toys for every level of play. We have small […]

Product Spotlight: Fisting Toys

At Masturgasm, we have a wonderful selection of fisting toys to choose from! From closed fist sex toys to open hand and double fisting sex toys, we have a good variety to try if you enjoy fisting and stretching play. The different shapes and styles are crafted from real hands so the designs are incredibly […]

NEW Cocodrilo 2 Inch Penis Extension

NEW Cocodrilo 2 Inch Penis Extension We have a brand new penis extension on Masturgasm called the Cocodrilo 2″ Penis Extension! The design is loosely based on a crocodile penis and is perfect for furry and yiff role playing. The extension measures at 10 inches total length with 7.5 inches insertable so it’s quite the […]

NEW Depth Charge Plugs for Anal Stretching!

NEW Depth Charge Plugs for Anal Stretching! We already talked about the best toys for anal stretching and we recently added some incredible plugs that were specifically designed for anal stretching! The brand new depth charge plugs are butt plugs that are split down the middle and come to a tapered point when the 2 sides […]

NEW Platinum Silicone Amoeba Cock Ring + Butt Plug Toy

NEW Platinum Silicone Amoeba Cock Ring + Butt Plug Toy We have a set of platinum silicone toys that offer dual stimulation (anal and cock ring) and one of them is the Amoeba! The Amoeba is perfect for beginners looking to experience dual pleasure. The 2 rings on one end function as a flexible double […]

NEW Platinum Silicone Thick Ur Dick Girth Expander!

NEW Platinum Silicone Thick Ur Dick Girth Expander We’re so excited to bring you the super popular and newly updated Thick Ur Dick Girth Expander in platinum silicone! Tsx Toys, the American sex toy manufacturers behind this awesome toy, have redesigned the shaft and texture based on customer feedback so the toy is made fulfill […]

The Best Toys for Anal Stretching

The Best Toys for Anal Stretching  For anyone looking to level up their anal play, anal stretching is the way to go! Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced player, I’ve put together an awesome selection of toys we carry on Masturgasm to help you go from small toys to the big naughty ones 😉 […]