Submissive Gift Guide



For the beloved submissive, there are specific gifts you may want to gift. If you’re a legit dominant, you will know just the right thing to gift your sub with, but if not, we’ve gathered a few awesome gifts into a Submissive Gift Guide to help make your shopping easy as pie. 😉


Puppy Tail Butt Plug

Puppy Tail Butt Plug

This naughty puppy tail plug is great for yiff puppy bondage scenes and role playing! The moderately sized butt plug has lube trails to help lubrication last longer during use and a tail that can be used to wag or for added stimulation!

Leather Bondage Belt with D Ring

Leather Bondage Belt

This leather bondage belt is the perfect gift for a naughty sub that needs to be tied town and put in their place.

Puppy Play Fetish Bondage Mask

Puppy Full Mask with Gag 

For yiff bondage players, this full puppy mask with gag mouthpiece is an ideal gift! Get your rough pup play on all winter long 😉

Thigh and Wrist Restraints

Set of 2 Thigh and Wrist Restraints

For the sub that won’t stop squirming around, these thigh and wrist restraints are just the thing to hold them in place while you have your way 😉

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