Ghost Sex AKA Spectrophilia

Ghost Sex AKA Spectrophilia

Ghost Sex AKA Spectrophilia

Ghost Sex and it’s corresponding fetish, spectrophilia, are something I thought would be very relevant to discuss given impending Halloween. Whether you or someone you know has ever fantasized about having a little romp with a mysterious apparition, ghost sex is certainly a unique fancy to have and various cultures feel differently about the matter.

For instance, in Louisiana’s French Quarter, many believe ghost sexual partners will be more interested in intercourse with them if they indulge in a bondage practice called bastinado, a BDSM method of punishment that involves striking the soles of the feet. In England, those interested in ghost sex believe that they only come after lonely women for one night stands.

Anyone who is said to experience ghost intercourse often claims they can feel the ghost’s weight on them, but it doesn’t feel heavy. They can feel their breath and touch as well and most encounters happen while in bed.

Psychologists theorize that these phenomenons could be due to a condition called sleep paralysis in which persons concerned are in a state between sleep and wakefulness. Others say the occurrences are simply hallucinations. This desire for ghost sexual encounters is not limited to heterosexual women (though seems to be more commonly mentioned), but happens across the board of sexual preferences and genders.

Whatever the case, those who fantasize of ghost sex will often leave their windows open, go to haunted locations, play with Ouiija board games, and dress provocatively in hopes of a phantom romp.

Will You Be Leaving Your Windows Open Tonight? 😉 

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