Voodoo Sex Rituals

Voodoo Sex Rituals

Voodoo Sex Rituals

With Halloween coming swiftly our way, the idea of combining all things spooky and sexual is likely on many minds so I thought it would be pertinent to share some creepy/clever voodoo sex rituals. I’m sharing this as purely informational and entertainment. I don’t recommend anyone do these sex rituals in actuality.

“Get Laid” Sex Ritual #1

This is a ritual to get someone you’re attracted to to have sex with you.

What you need:

  • Metal bowl
  • Cotton balls
  • Sea Salt
  • 2 Red Candles
  • 1 Red Apple
  • A picture of the person you desire

Remove all your clothing and pour a circle of salt around you. It’s best to do this in a private place, for obvious reasons. Place the metal bowl in front of you. Cut up the photo of the person you desire. Light the candles and say this incantation: “I offer this ritual in the name of Eros, the sex god. May the light of this candle ignite the passion and sexual attraction between [person’s name] and I.” Take one of the candles and burn the photo pieces, one by one, in the bowl. Place the apple over the smoke so it absorbs the energy from the items in the bowl. Eat the apple and say, “Just like this forbidden fruit enters my body, so too shall the sexual power over [person’s name]. This is and shall be in the of Eros, the sex god.” Picture the person while consuming the apple and they should come to you within 2-4 weeks for a sexual encounter.

“Get Laid Fast” Cigar Sex Ritual #2

What you need:

  • 1 Cigar
  • 5 Red Candles
  • 1 Red Paper
  • 1 Red Marker
  • 1 Red Table Cloth

This ritual must be done on a Tuesday night on a full moon. Light the candles. Smoke the cigar and say “This cigar is consuming, little by little, the same way [person’s name] is going to be consumed with passion and lust for me.” Collect ashes from the cigar and place on the red paper. Take the ashes of the cigar to this person’s home and blow toward the walkways near the home so that this person will step on them.

Good Luck 😉

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