Spooky Halloween Sex Positions

Halloween sex positions

Halloween is a great time to try new things, especially in bed. Get out of your box this All Hallow’s Eve and try some Halloween-inspired sex positions! We promise you won’t regret it 😉

Spooky Halloween Sex Positions

Tantric Ritual

Tantra is a great way to increase intimacy and pleasure between partners. If you’re up for a meditative and spiritual sexual experience, then tantra is a spiritual and somewhat spooky way to enjoy sex, though it’s not technically a Halloween sex position!

At the Stake 

Standing with your hands tied above your head, get it on with your partner and enjoy a little bondage while you’re at it!


Arch backwards into a crab walk while doing the dirty! This position is only for the most flexible and agile; holding this position won’t be easy if you’re out of shape, but can add new levels of excitement to your naughty fun.

The Witch

Sit on a chair and have your partner “ride” you like a witch’s broom. Fun, naughty, and good spirited, this position is quite easy for most to achieve.

Light As A Feather 

You know the old levitation spell “light as a feather, stiff as a board”? Have your partner lie on the ground as in this fun game from your childhood and grind away, enact a bondage scene by adding restraints in, or use some fun sex toys. Sky is the limit! (get it?)

Wishing you the Naughtiest Halloween Yet!

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