Make Your Partner Scream | Halloween Sex Tips

Halloween Sex Tips - Masturgasm Blog

Make Your Partner Scream on All Hallow’s Eve!

Halloween Sex Tips

Halloween is a great time to get laid so we came up with some surefire Halloween sex tips to help you get your jollies off this Hallow’s Eve.

Devilish Roleplay

Halloween is very much involved with creating a character and being in costume so it’s a great time to wear a kinky costume and do a little roleplay! Whether it’s doctor/nurse or any other fun dynamic or more intense bondage scenes, it will definitely help amp up the intensity of your evening.

Get Your Masks & Costumes!

As I said, dressing up is a large part of the evening so go all in! Dress up in a regular (or naughty) costume and pair it with a sexy bondage mask. Getting into character and stepping out of the norm can do wonders for your sex life.

Seductive Mood

Be sure to set the mood for the evening! Light up some candles (or use battery powered ones) and put on some spooky (or sexy) music.

Watch Porn

Sometimes, you need a little help to get into the swing of things (or try something a little kinkier than usual) and porn can be a great sexual aid in that aspect! Look for a fun Halloween themed one or make your own 😉

Trick or Treat – Naughty Style!

We came up with this naughty game of trick or treat a few years back and now we encourage coworkers to play it with their partners each year! It’s in the spirit of Halloween, simple and fun, and it’s a great way to get to know your partner’s naughty style better. Enjoy!

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