Spooky Halloween Sex Toy Guide

With Halloween around the corner, I thought I would share some of our spookier sex toy designs and fun bondage items you can try this fall and Halloween season to indulge your dark side.

This spooky Halloween sex toy guide definitely has something for everyone to enjoy when the weather turns cold.

Halloween Sex Toy Guide - Masturgasm Blog

Spooky Halloween Sex Toy Guide

Skeleton Penis Extension 

This incredible 2 inch penis extension offers up 2 extra inches to the wearer. The shaft has unique skeleton details that lend added stimulation during use and also help to adhere lubricant to the toy.

Skeleton Dildo

This skeleton dildo is the perfect sex toy to enjoy on Halloween! Designed after a skeleton, the shaft has unique detail which stimulates during use and is a nice vacation from your typical classic dildo.

Devil Inside You Butt Plug and Devil Tail

The Devil Inside You Butt Plug and Devil Tail will help you unleash your dark side! Give in to your deepest, darkest fantasies on All Hallow’s Eve with this delightfully devilish sex toy!

Elven Leather Bondage Mask

Looking to indulge your alter ego this Halloween? Our line of bondage masks are ideal for anyone looking to throw an “Eyes Wide Shut” kind of party or simply let out your alter ego in bed.

Stainless Steel Anal Plug and Cock Ring Combo

This stainless steel anal plug and cock ring combo is a great toy for stimulating the prostate hot spots and keep a stronger erection for longer. Orgasms are more intense and pleasurable than ever before with this one!

Screw Nipple Clamps

Up the ante with these screw nipple clamps! Intensify your foreplay and bondage pleasure play with these simple, yet effective clamps.

Leather Wrist Restraints

Tie your lover down and keep them obedient with these durable leather wrist restraints! Enact your dark sex rituals on Halloween and watch them squeal and moan; helpless as ever. Enjoy!

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