Unconventional Libido Boosting Tips

Unconventional Libido Boosting Tips

Spring is here and even though you may not yet be feeling it, it’s time to get your sex drive in gear. If you’re feeling like you’re sex drive is slightly lower than usual, these unconventional libido boosting tips can help you get in the mood for some fun between the sheets.

Unconventional Libido Boosting Tips


Gently caressing or softly tickling and kissing your partner’s sensitive areas are a great way to get them excited. Try their most sensitive areas such as the neck, inner thigh, inside of wrists and the lower small of their back.


At times, watching porn can be mutually arising for all partners involved, especially when you watch it together. It doesn’t have to be straight vanilla porn, either, so don’t be afraid to branch out and watch what you both fantasize about.


Blindfolding your partner and/or tying them up is a great way to get their libido up and ready to go. Foreplay goes a long way so take your time and savor each sensation to build up the intensity.


Exercise is great for increasing energy, stamina, and endorphin levels so it’s no wonder it helps with libido. Work out with your partner or get sweaty on the dance floor. Anything that gets your blood flowing is a good thing.


Abstinence makes the heart grow fonder 😉 Taking some time apart for a short time and then returning can, often times, be enough to rekindle a dull flame. Just make sure you don’t stay away too long!

Tantric Classes

Tantric classes are great for helping partners bond both emotionally and physically. If you don’t want to take a class, try simple tantric exercises in the privacy of your own home and see how it goes.


If you like, taking pole dancing classes or simply giving one another lap dances can help you get back in touch with your own sexuality. Savoring the feeling of turning your partner on with each move is a great way to bring all libido levels WAY up.

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