Your Guide to Erotic Vampire Roleplay

With fall finally here and Halloween coming very soon, your mind might be on the seedier, wilder side of things to keep things sexy in the bedroom. Since we’re all about amping up the kink in your sex life, we’ve been doing research on ways to enjoy some wild naughty fun this fall and we thought, what’s sexier than vampires?

The answer is nothing. Vampires have taken over pop culture in a big way ever since the inception of Twilight, Vampire Diaries and True Blood and it’s no wonder. Even though you might be tuning in to your favorite erotic fantasy shows and films, you may not have thought about how you can enjoy a little vampire roleplay yourself which brings us to our first kink guide with a naughty Halloween twist!


Your Guide to Erotic Vampire Roleplay

  • Set the Stage. If you’re really trying to enjoy some vampire roleplay, you’ll want to set the stage and mood by using silk or velvet sheets and blankets, deep dark colors, lighting candles, and playing seductive music. This will help everyone get into the flow of things and feels more sexy, romantic, and a lot less awkward than trying to make it happen in your normal everyday environment. Half the appeal of vampire role play is the boldness, the darkness, and the seductive feel of that world so play that up.
  • Pick A Character. This can be as complicated or simple as you like. You can simply choose who gets to be the vampire and who gets to be the human victim and switch off or you can create specific characters with names. You can also give your characters roles such as dominant and submissive to give the role playing some direction. You can even do something such as vampire and werewolf roles to give it more of a visceral and primal feel of lust. Try some animal dildos for realism 😉 You can also switch roles to keep things fun, but it’s entirely up to you.
  • Try Bondage. You can try playing games of lust and control such as with masturbation. One person masturbates while the other tells them when they can begin and stop as they like which can increase the intensity of pleasure. You can use bondage gear such as restraints, collars, and vibrators or use dildos, anal toys, or fetish toys to up the ante as well.

Stay Safe & Naughty 😉

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